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6 Marvelous Middle East and Africa Resorts Perfect for Redeeming Marriott Bonvoy Points

A resort stay can offer you a world of rest, relaxation and fun — one you won’t wish to leave. And during a stay at these resorts peppered across the Middle East and Africa, you…
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Savor the Best Iftars During Ramadan in the Middle East and Africa

Iftar, the fast-breaking evening meal during Ramadan, is a beautiful occasion — and it’s one that everyone is welcome to enjoy, whether or not you’re breaking your dawn-till-dusk fast. Here are some of the top…
Road Trips

Plan a Road Trip Around These 6 Hotels in the Middle East and Africa

The allure of hitting the open road seldom fades. There’s something incredibly attractive about embracing the unknown, heading out on a journey from which there’s no coming back unchanged (all for the better, of course)….
Where to Travel Next

10 Noteworthy Destinations to Inspire Your Next Trip

From learning the art of Sicilian cheesemaking to taking an artistic walk down memory lane in Madrid and exploring an underground tomb complex in Egypt, inspiring and unexpected experiences abound even in the most visited…
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Ready to (Re)Connect? These 7 Trips Help You Make Connections — With Locals or Your Loved Ones

Travel is even more rewarding when you connect to the world in a way that goes beyond just moving through it. The trips that best bond us often have an inspiring human connection that becomes…
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Discover Everything You Didn’t Know About Cairo on a Long Weekend Break

Three days in the Egyptian capital is plenty of time to get a taste of its history and its eclectic present — discover old and new cultural sites, peruse artisanal shops and settle into the…
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Find Your Groove in 7 of the World’s Top Cities for Live Music

While you’re wandering the planet, sometimes you want to jam out to live music or dance the night away accompanied by thunderous beats emanating from the decks of killer DJs or live drum kits. For…

Give the Littles a Family Vacation to Remember in the Middle East and Africa

The bonds built on the shared adventures and exploration of a family vacation are unlike any other. And though designing a family vacation takes considerable planning and work, it’s entirely worth the effort. On these…
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8 Most Photoworthy Hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Beyond

When it comes to staying at luxury properties, documenting your visit — whether for your carefully curated Instagram feed or just so you can reminisce later — is almost as important as experiencing it. For…
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The World’s Ultimate Experiences Await on 8 GOAT (Greatest of All Travel) Getaways

As people plot their return to travel, they’re choosing to plan big. Unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime vacations, taking in the world’s most iconic sites and experiences, are more popular than ever. Get travel inspo from these eight…