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Weekend Getaways

8 Hotels for Unforgettable Weekend Getaways in Latin America and the Caribbean

For a weekend getaway that offers the perfect blend of excitement, natural beauty and pure relaxation, Latin America and the Caribbean put forth a heady mix of destinations and experiences that can pack as much…
Weekend Getaways

Your Chilean Adventure Awaits: 3 Days of Storied Experiences in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, where history melds with an energetic urban vibe, lies in a valley surrounded by the towering, snow-covered Andes Mountains. At its core, this cosmopolitan city is home to chic art galleries, museums galore,…

Outdoor Thrills Abound Less Than a 3-Hour Drive from These Caribbean and Latin American Cities

Enthralling outdoor adventures await throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Verdant jungle, towering sand dunes and extensive trails all appeal for the adrenaline-pumping ways to explore them, from horseback riding to trekking, cycling to skiing….

How Solo Travel Led to Self Love One Epic Autumn in South America

Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere hits a little differently. In Playa Zapallar, a popular Chilean vacation spot two hours west of Santiago, the season carries a perpetual mist through the woodland forest flanking the beach….
Road Trips

Drive the GOAT (Greatest of All Travel) Road Trips in the Caribbean and Latin America

Whether you choose to road trip across the Colombian jungle, along the Costa Rican coastline or through an unparalleled rainforest in Patagonia, these five road trips across Latin America and the Caribbean will surely enchant…
Where to Travel Next

Curious About Trip Stacking? Here’s What to Know and Where to Plan Your Next Trip

Ever-changing travel restrictions, closures and Covid protocols have created a topsy-turvy world of uncertainty around travel. Under the looming threat of cancellation, booking a vacation has become fraught with anxiety. That’s why it’s never been…

Beaches or Mountains: Where Will You Find Solace in the Caribbean and Latin America?

If you’re in need of a break from the stress of city life, you’re not the only one. Whether it is in the Chilean mountains or on a sunny tropical beach in the Caribbean, get…
Tips + Trends

Travel Sustainably at These 5 Hotels in the Caribbean and Latin America

To be a responsible traveler, it’s not enough to be informed about your holiday destination. Nowadays, travelers should also be committed to generating a minimum impact on the environments they visit and contribute to their…
Eat + Drink

These 5 Restaurants Are Next-Level Local in the Caribbean and Latin America

From Mexico to Chile, Latin America is a foodie paradise for those with a preference for ingredients harvested in nearby orchards, fair treatment of the region’s producers and dishes with local flavor. If this speaks…
Tips + Trends

Small Towns Bring Big Delights in the Caribbean and Latin America

Are you dreaming about your next adventure? If you’re eager to escape the crowds and get off the beaten path, take note of these lesser-known, but no less interesting, small towns across Latin America and…