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A Magical Guide to Traditional and Alternative Festive Experiences in Europe

The festive period is cherished for so many different reasons. Some people delight in the traditional food and drink, like mulled wine and stollen fruit bread, that are savored at this time of year. Others…
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These 6 Hotels Go All Out for the Holidays in Europe

Holidays at home can be wonderful, but it’s hard to top a dreamy, festive vacation at a hotel that’s bursting with holiday magic. From glittering galas to gourmet menus, you can live your holiday fantasy…
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Hotel-to-Table: Dine Sustainably with 9 Hyperlocal Food Experiences

For travelers forever searching to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives, the where and how of their food and drink sourcing is just as important as the enchanting locale in which their meals are served….
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Plan a Mind-Body Reset with These 5 Wellness Staycations in Europe

For all their undoubted elegance, the pace of Europe’s great cities can take a toll. Work hours are long and temptation abounds: pizza in Rome; beer in Prague; late nights in London, Berlin and Brussels….
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Pre-Communist Czech Food was Delicious. Today, These Prague Restaurants are Owning it

People don’t come to Prague to eat. At least, they didn’t used to. There was once a time when the Czech capital was a place to imbibe a few excellent beers; wander around the narrow…
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See the Other Side of Prague: Revitalization in Vršovice and Beyond

There was a time in the late ’90s and into the aughts when any post-Soviet European city that suddenly became hip got the label “the next Prague,” thanks to the Czech capital’s quick emergence as…
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See Prague Through the Lens of Its Most Famous Living Artists

In its 12 or so centuries, the city of Prague has been inhabited by its fair share of artistic geniuses. Writer Milan Kundera, decorative artist Alfons Mucha and film director Miloš Forman, among many others,…
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Drinking in Prague? Try the Booze to Imbibe in Bohemia Besides Beer

The Czechs didn’t invent beer, but it would be understandable if you thought so after a visit to Prague or other Czech towns. After all, pilsner-style lager was invented in — wait for it —…