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How to Celebrate Europe’s Festive Traditions from Christmas to NYE and Beyond

Europe’s holiday season is a wonderful time to travel and enjoy new-to-you Yuletide and New Year’s Eve traditions, not to mention festive food and drink. From the snowy landscapes of Scandinavia to the shores of…
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How to Plan the Perfect Workcation: 5 Ways to Recharge and Stay Productive

A change is as good as a rest, or so it’s said, but it can also help those seeking inspiration in their work lives. In a world where more and more people work in the…
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Plan a Mind-Body Reset with These 5 Wellness Staycations in Europe

For all their undoubted elegance, the pace of Europe’s great cities can take a toll. Work hours are long and temptation abounds: pizza in Rome; beer in Prague; late nights in London, Berlin and Brussels….
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The World’s Beaches Are Waiting: Here Are 11 of the Most Dazzling

From mirror-clear waters to wine-dark seas, and secluded shorelines to a queen’s favorite coast, these 11 spots may well be some of the world’s best beaches and coastal towns. As always, check for travel restrictions…
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9 Ultra-Luxe Experiences Across the Globe, from Spain to Bahrain

Whether you’re seeking personal enrichment, a romantic interlude, total privacy or the chance to pamper yourself in stunning surroundings, choose to live your best life — and create unique memories — as you follow this…
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5 Dreamy European Resort Destinations for Every Type of Escape

The sand, stark cliffs and stunning vistas you’ll encounter on European beaches can be as varied as the different languages and cultures you’ll find on their shorelines. Whether you’re on the hunt for a romantic…
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What’s for #Linner? How to Midday Snack (and Save) Like a European

Eating like a local is not always cheap in Europe. You’re not going to find a bargain bouillabaisse or bistecca alla Fiorentina, but the truth is, you don’t need to sample these set-piece, once-a-year dishes…
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Feel the Love at Europe’s Hottest LGBTQ Pride Celebrations

Sunshine, smiling faces and rainbow flags strung above streets: When summertime arrives in Europe, it marks the start of the continent’s memorable LGBTQ Pride festivals celebrating the right to love whomever you want. Dress up…
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Shhh! You’ll Want to Keep These 11 Secluded European Beaches a Secret

Don’t fancy sharing your patch of sand with thousands of other sun seekers? We head off the beaten track to uncover Europe’s best hidden beaches, secluded shorelines and secret coves. Es Trenc, Mallorca With the…
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Level-Up Your Train Travel: How to Spend Two Weeks Touring Western Europe

Just like the 80s, train travel is making a comeback in a big way. And if you’ve ever dreamed of booking a Eurail Pass to travel Europe by train and forget about life for a…