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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in the U.S. and Canada

Life provides plenty of reasons to celebrate, from small, everyday victories like crossing off everything on your to-do list to significant milestones like big anniversaries and birthdays. Rather than casually recognizing these wins, go all-in…
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Amazing (and Little-Known) Hotel Perks You Need to Discover

What separates a fabulous hotel stay from a merely OK getaway? Perks, of course! And that involves way more than, say, a pool, ice machine and coffee maker. You’ll be surprised (and delighted!) to discover…
How to Travel Better

Leave the World a Better Place with These Responsible Travel Pledges

Responsible travel means more than simply leaving no trace. It means giving back, too, actively working to facilitate positive interactions between visitors and residents and ensuring the environment stays healthy for generations to come. Understanding…

Find Your Balance with These 5 Boutique Wellness Experiences

Wellness-seekers have long appreciated the benefits of an invigorating run on a hotel treadmill or a rejuvenating massage in its spa. These days, however, they are increasingly seeking more exclusive, boutique opportunities to tend to…

Elevate Your Bleisure Travel in These 7 Exhilarating Destinations

The rise in popularity of flexible work schedules is making travel easier than ever before. Blending business and leisure travel, “bleisure” trips open up a world of possibilities when deciding where to go, allowing people…
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8 Must-Stay Hotels in the U.S. & Canada Worth Planning a Road Trip Around

Unbelievably scenic road trips come with the territory when you hit the highway around the United States and Canada. And with them comes the chance to stay at any number of fantastic hotels along the…
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6 Team-Building Trip Ideas to Pitch to Your Boss

Whether your work is remote, in-office or hybrid, it’s likely your industry is seeing an uptick in business travel — a bonus for teams who want to see everyone’s stunning faces outside teeny Zoom boxes….
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From the Green Flash to Cliff Diving, Experience the World’s Most Interesting Local Beach Rituals

From diving off cliffs to diving for soccer balls, communities along the world’s beaches tend to create watery rituals that last for generations — and attract droves of curious travelers looking to feel like locals…
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Vacay Your Way: 16 Beach and Pool Escapes for Every Travel Personality

Make a splash during your next vacation by planning in a different way. Instead of zeroing in on where you want to be, consider who you want to be during your trip. From romantics and…

From Family Reunions to Quinceañeras: 6 Ideal Hotels for Family Gatherings

When you’re gathering the family for a milestone event, the venue can make all the difference. After all, a special occasion calls for a special hotel with amenities, services and accommodations that will suit all…