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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in the Middle East and Africa

Life’s greatest milestones should begin with a flourish. From getting engaged to launching your own business, your achievements deserve to be celebrated in style. Wherever you are in your story, celebrate your progress and reflect…
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Walking Holidays — 3 Stunning Adventure Routes that Regenerate Global Communities

Active, local, regenerative — there are many boxes that walking holidays tick, and it’s why there’s a growing interest in them the world over. Spread over days, spanning the length and breadth of countries, walking…
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Plan a Road Trip Around These 6 Hotels in the Middle East and Africa

The allure of hitting the open road seldom fades. There’s something incredibly attractive about embracing the unknown, heading out on a journey from which there’s no coming back unchanged (all for the better, of course)….
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Adventures Below Sea Level: A Dead Sea Highway Road Trip

One of the best ways to explore the country of Jordan is by taking a road trip along the Dead Sea. On the winding road that runs along the coastline, you can watch the dramatic…
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Road Trip to Mars: Explore Jordan’s Wonders from Amman to Aqaba

There’s no other place in the world where you can float in saltwater far below sea level and witness out-of-this-world landscapes within a short distance. From walking through one of the seven wonders of the…
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3 Days on the Red Sea: A Weekend Adventure in Aqaba

The sparkling waters of the Red Sea are a tantalizing magnet for tourists. Plus, a wealth of cultural activities and incredible hospitality make Aqaba, and Jordan as a whole, ideal for a weekend getaway. As…

9 Ways to Experience Jordanian Culture in Amman and Beyond

When you’re in Jordan, you’ll likely meet locals eager to tell you about places to visit, both familiar and behind the scenes. For most travelers, their journey starts in Amman, the bustling capital packed with…
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The Jordan Less Traveled: 5 Great (and Unexpected) Day Trips from Amman, Jordan

Although compact in size, Jordan boasts of a number of historical and geographical wonders. Of these, the mystical ruins of Petra, the otherworldly landscape of Wadi Rum and the mind-boggling Dead Sea get the most…

Catch a Thrill on Jordan’s Most Incredible Outdoor Adventures

In Jordan, where the culture places so much focus on hospitality, visitors will feel welcome in peoples’ homes as well as in partaking of the many outdoor adventures that entice travelers. Alfresco adventure is a…
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Why Marriott Associates Stan These 7 Hotels in Europe and the Middle East

Marriott International associates have the world’s finest accommodations at their fingertips. When your job is to ensure guests relish their stays in the world’s most enchanting properties, you come to recognize the best of the…