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Soak Up the Sun at These LGBT-Friendly Beach Towns

Keph Sennett
Miami Beach is notoriously one of the most LGT-friendly towns in the U.S. (Photo: Alamy)
Whether you’re into swimming until sunset or partying until dawn—or both!—somewhere in the U.S. there’s …

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Laverne Cox on How #LoveTravels Celebrates Living

Kwin Mosby
Laverne Cox says #LoveTravels is about celebrating who you are. (Photo: John Fleming Photography)
Actress and activist Laverne Cox is all about “getting” her life and giving life. She certainly …

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7 Things LGBT Travelers Are Sick of Hearing

Ben Lambert
We at Marriott Traveler don’t like the term “gay travel.” Travel is just travel. Period. It doesn’t matter who is doing it. That’s why we sparked to a column written …