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From Urban Oases to Seaside Retreats: 9 Hotels for a Weekend Getaway in Europe

For many travelers, an ideal weekend getaway includes a mix of activities and relaxation. Some are drawn to cultural or adventure outings; for others, the perfect mini-break is lounging poolside with a good book. The…
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Give Me a Sign: This Year, Let the Zodiac Be Your Travel Guide

Pack your bags, travelers. Tap into your zodiac vibe to learn your travel fortune for the year.
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Family, Friends or Romantic Escape? Match Your Must-Have Features with a Perfect Vacation Home

Whether you’re planning an adventurous family trip or a romantic interlude for two, your vacation rental should have a perfect balance of amenities to please all the (occasionally picky) travelers’ palates. Thinking about — even…
Culture + Style

Bring the ‘Wow’ Factor Home: Decor Ideas Inspired by Your Favorite Hotels

It’s not as difficult as you may think to bring some of the luxuriant touches, unique interior design elements and cultural savvy you see in your global travels to your humble abode. Discover a few…
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From Argentina to Vietnam: Where to Travel in November for Every Type of Traveler

It can be easy to let November slip away without a break — but planning a trip this month can guarantee you a moment of respite before end-of-year festivities kick into high gear. Treat yourself…
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Look Beyond Bright Lights and Big Cities to Find Europe’s Most Delightful Small Towns

Europe’s major cities are teeming with cultural and historical attractions that, by default, amass crowds. But sometimes you just want to escape for a day of peaceful exploring. Here are some enchanting towns to discover…
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Way Beyond Christmas Markets: Savor Unique Holiday Traditions on a European Getaway

For all its inherent festive cheer, the holiday season is not without its stresses. So if you’re in the mood for getting away from it all this year, why not ditch the usual traditions and…

Luxe Life in Lisbon with Designer Shopping and Oceanfront Dining

Locals call Lisbon the City of Light, and it offers high-end experiences that make it the Paris of Portugal. From shopping on a tree-lined avenue full of the world’s best designer boutiques to dining in…

This Is the Bar That Made Tinned Fish the Hippest Dish in Lisbon

Stepping inside Sol e Pesca, a bar in Lisbon’s Cais do Sodré neighborhood, is a feast for the eyes. The walls are covered with an array of fishing tackle: rods, lines, hooks, bait, floats and…

Shine a Light on Portuguese History by Exploring Africa in Lisbon

When people visit Lisbon for the first time, they are taken aback by the city’s diversity, a legacy of Portugal’s deep history of exploration (and exploitation) of Africa, Asia and South America. Portugal’s roots in…