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10 Wonderful Natural Swimming Spots Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Whether it’s in a pristine lake, a languid river or a wadi nestled in the desert, wild swimming is a fantastic way to experience a destination. It can be good for your well-being, too, particularly…
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Walking Holidays — 3 Stunning Adventure Routes that Regenerate Global Communities

Active, local, regenerative — there are many boxes that walking holidays tick, and it’s why there’s a growing interest in them the world over. Spread over days, spanning the length and breadth of countries, walking…

Edens in Eden: Don’t Miss These Fab Caribbean Botanical Gardens

No matter how much you love the beach, there comes a time on every Caribbean vacation when you might feel an urge to take a little break from the sun and surf and see something…
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Get Close to Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Thousands of tourists come to Mexico year after year to meet sea turtles in Puerto Vallarta. It’s said that this destination is the “country of the sea turtles”, since six of the existing species are…
Puerto Vallarta

The Wild Life: Iconic Mexican Critters and Where to See Them

Animal iconography is a vital part of Mexican culture, from the carved images of ancient calendars to modern whimsical alebrijes. Quetzals call up the image of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, or the goddess of…

South Africa in Bloom: On the Flower Trail in Cape Town and Beyond

South Africa had long been on my travel wish list. Since childhood, I dreamed of watching zebras, lions, giraffes and, most of all, elephants hanging out in their natural habitat, far away from any zoos….