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Weekend Getaways

From Urban Oases to Seaside Retreats: 9 Hotels for a Weekend Getaway in Europe

For many travelers, an ideal weekend getaway includes a mix of activities and relaxation. Some are drawn to cultural or adventure outings; for others, the perfect mini-break is lounging poolside with a good book. The…
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Give Me a Sign: This Year, Let the Zodiac Be Your Travel Guide

Pack your bags, travelers. Tap into your zodiac vibe to learn your travel fortune for the year.
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Treat Yourself: 6 Destinations That Are Perfect for Solo Travelers

Whether you’re seeking exciting new adventures, historical sightseeing or a quiet escape on your own, here are six destinations for solo travelers that offer a variety of activities for those seeking a low-key getaway or…
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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in Europe

Whether it’s a big birthday, your honeymoon or a promotion at the job you love, life has many milestones worth celebrating. So, why not do it in style with a mini-break to really mark the…
Eat + Drink

Restaurant Hot List: 10 Dining Experiences Worth Traveling For

One of the most fun parts of travel is trying new cuisines, exploring exciting new restaurants and earning perks in the process. When it comes to seeking out a delicious meal with gorgeous, luxe surrounds…
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Amazing (and Little-Known) Hotel Perks You Need to Discover

What separates a fabulous hotel stay from a merely OK getaway? Perks, of course! And that involves way more than, say, a pool, ice machine and coffee maker. You’ll be surprised (and delighted!) to discover…
Road Trips

6 Epic Hotels in Europe You’ll Want to Plan a Road Trip Around

With so many countries and diverse cultures crammed into a single continent, Europe might be the richest road-tripping territory of all. From the winding roads of Crete in Greece and France’s epic Côte d’Azur to…

Elevate Your Family Vacation at 11 Hotels with Eye-Popping Perks for Kids

As a parent, you have an entirely different set of priorities when choosing a hotel that’s fit for your family. Instead of swim-up bars and late-night comedy shows, you’re probably keen on having room to…

Natural Wonders Await Within a 3-Hour Drive of These European Cities

The relative compactness of Europe means that even in sprawling metropolises, you’re never far from the great outdoors, making it easy to combine the best of both worlds. In some cases, take a mere 20-minute…
Eat + Drink

9 Stunningly Scenic Wine Regions in Europe, South Africa and Beyond

Take pause before lifting your next glass of wine and consider its story — and the tale of its terroir — and suddenly your drink becomes something to savor. Indeed, the wine’s popularity owes much…