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Weekend Getaways

5 Hotels for Spectacular Weekend Getaways in the Middle East and Africa

If all you have is a weekend to unplug, worry not. Spending a few days at these special hotels in spectacular spots across the Middle East and Africa is bound to rejuvenate you in unexpected…
Eat + Drink

Savor the Best Iftars During Ramadan in the Middle East and Africa

Iftar, the fast-breaking evening meal during Ramadan, is a beautiful occasion — and it’s one that everyone is welcome to enjoy, whether or not you’re breaking your dawn-till-dusk fast. Here are some of the top…
Tips + Trends

Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in the Middle East and Africa

Life’s greatest milestones should begin with a flourish. From getting engaged to launching your own business, your achievements deserve to be celebrated in style. Wherever you are in your story, celebrate your progress and reflect…
Road Trips

Plan a Road Trip Around These 6 Hotels in the Middle East and Africa

Intrigue abounds in Africa and the Middle East when you plan a road trip in such diverse countries as Egypt, Oman, Kenya, Zambia, Qatar and Jordan. Set your sights on ancient ruins and temples, beguiling…
Weekend Getaways

Maximize a 3-Day Stopover in Doha — Qatar’s Contemporary Capital

The transformation of Doha from a small fishing community in the mid 20th century to a thriving urban center of nearly 3 million inhabitants today is legendary. But while the expansion and modernization of the…
Where to Travel Next

5 Trips to Put on Next Year’s Radar, According to Travel Editors

With the world’s doors largely flung open, so many destinations will be ripe for the travel picking next year. And now, with no shortage of gems to visit, travelers have the luxury of not only…
Tips + Trends

Doha’s Intrigue Is Endless — Don’t Miss the Top Experiences for Every Type of Traveler

Qatar is a rising star — and Doha, its capital, is its brightest spot. With a wealth of culture, art and adventure to discover, it’s no wonder this Middle Eastern metropolis is lighting up travelers’…

8 Exquisite Doha Dining Experiences That’ll Leave You Craving More

Doha is a true foodie paradise. The city’s countless restaurants are a celebration of its society: myriad multicultural immigrants passing through to share their wide array of traditions and culinary delights with the hungry masses….
Romantic Getaways

Let Sparks Fly on a Romantic Qatar Getaway

As the sunset sky shifts from pink to purple and a gentle breeze blows in from the Persian Gulf, it’s hard not to get swept up in the glittering romance of Qatar. A couples trip…

Where to Stay and Play on a Family Vacation to Qatar

With a bevy of outdoor adventures, thrilling theme parks and enriching museums and activity centers, Qatar’s making its mark as one of the Middle East’s most family-friendly destinations. In a nation famed for luxurious accommodations,…