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Your Chilean Adventure Awaits: 3 Days of Storied Experiences in Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile, where history melds with an energetic urban vibe, lies in a valley surrounded by the towering, snow-covered Andes Mountains. At its core, this cosmopolitan city is home to chic art galleries, museums galore,…
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Fine Dining Reigns Supreme at These 9 Indulgent Hotel Restaurants

If you believe indulging in fine dining is one of travel’s sweetest rewards, imagine how amazing it would be if culinary masterpieces were just a mere elevator ride away. Luckily, these nine highly acclaimed restaurants…

Outdoor Thrills Abound Less Than a 3-Hour Drive from These Caribbean and Latin American Cities

Enthralling outdoor adventures await throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Verdant jungle, towering sand dunes and extensive trails all appeal for the adrenaline-pumping ways to explore them, from horseback riding to trekking, cycling to skiing….
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Travel Sustainably at These 5 Hotels in the Caribbean and Latin America

To be a responsible traveler, it’s not enough to be informed about your holiday destination. Nowadays, travelers should also be committed to generating a minimum impact on the environments they visit and contribute to their…
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These 5 Restaurants Are Next-Level Local in the Caribbean and Latin America

From Mexico to Chile, Latin America is a foodie paradise for those with a preference for ingredients harvested in nearby orchards, fair treatment of the region’s producers and dishes with local flavor. If this speaks…
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Best Holiday Getaways in South America, Mexico and the Bahamas

From Buenos Aires and Lima to Santiago, Mexico City and the Bahamas, the holiday season’s sunny, temperate weather is excuse enough to venture out and explore in December and January. And these destinations offer many…
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Reach ‘Peak’ (See What We Did There?) Chile on an Andes Day Trip

Santiago enjoys a privileged location. Every winter, snow covers the mountains that surround the city making for an unmatched postcard panorama. It’s no surprise that, year after year, thousands of tourists from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia,…

Sip Your Way into Chile’s Wine Culture in the Maipo Valley

You can taste the spirit of Chile in a glass of its wine. From the unparalleled Cabernet Sauvignon to Carmenere; from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay and Syrah; these and many more varieties can be found…

3 Books You Need to Read Before You Go to Santiago

For many travelers, our obsession with a country, city, or landmark first grips us when we read a book or a poem that paints a compelling and unforgettable picture of a place. In the case…

Santiago’s Top Tasting Menus: Where to Enjoy “Alta Cocina” in Chile’s Capital

Tasting menus, an array of small dishes that combine to make a meal, have become fashionable in Santiago. Substantial, wholesome dishes still hold their own, but to experience more dishes, more creativity and more unusual,…