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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in the U.S. and Canada

Life provides plenty of reasons to celebrate, from small, everyday victories like crossing off everything on your to-do list to significant milestones like big anniversaries and birthdays. Rather than casually recognizing these wins, go all-in…
How to Travel Better

Leave the World a Better Place with These Responsible Travel Pledges

Responsible travel means more than simply leaving no trace. It means giving back, too, actively working to facilitate positive interactions between visitors and residents and ensuring the environment stays healthy for generations to come. Understanding…
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Cozy Up to 10 Hotel Fire Pits and Fireplaces and Stay Snug on Chilly Nights

‘Tis the season for getting snuggly around a fire pit or fireplace. And you’ll find the tinder to your flame at hotels where sparks are built into the story — whether you prefer a fireplace…
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Soak Up Sedona, Arizona’s Singular Spirit on a Weekend Filled with Natural Wonders

Sedona, Arizona is one of those places with a reputation that far precedes it — the Arizona city is simply transcendent. It’s home to countless incredible places to hike, mountain bike and meditate in the…

Ready to Reunite with Family? ‘Tis the Season to Plan a Holiday Getaway All Ages Will Enjoy

With holidays around the corner, thoughts turn to seeing your extended clan — especially if you haven’t recently celebrated with them. Up the ante for family time this season, and plot a getaway to U.S….

Beach, Mountains or Forest: Where Will Your Soul Find Solace in the U.S.?

It can be challenging to stay healthy — mentally and physically — during stressful times. Research suggests that spending time amid nature can invigorate our mood and help us breathe a little easier. Whether the…
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City-Hopping and Nature-Spotting: Where to Travel in August for Every Type of Traveler

Whether you want to dive into a busy city or spend your days snorkeling in warm water, there are activities around the globe for every type of traveler looking to get away in August. This…
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Transformative Experiences Await on 5 Spiritual Road Trips Around the World

Energy vortices. Power spots. Ley lines. No matter what you choose to call them, these sites believed to be intense swirling energy centers have had a gravitational pull on people since the dawn of time….
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Need a Change of Scene? Shake Up Your Wellness Routine on a U.S. Staycation

There’s nothing like a change of scenery to boost your sense of well-being, but you needn’t go far. Tap into wellness at these five staycation spots. As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before…

Are You Down with the Desert?
5 Cool Things to Do in Sedona

Sedona has much more to offer than its energy vortexes and famous red rock formations—namely, world-class restaurants, luxury hotels, blissed-out spas and, of course, a wide roster of heart-pounding outdoor adventures. Here’s our guide to…