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Written in the Stars: How to Plan Your Ideal Astrology-Inspired Vacation

You look to the stars to navigate dating, work drama and life decisions, so seek their infinite wisdom where it really counts: planning your next vacation.  To journey into the world of planets and stars,…
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These 5 Hotels Go All Out for the Holidays in Asia and the Pacific

Perhaps as a child you dreamed of spending the holidays in a marvelous setting with a cozy fireplace, lots of presents and festive decorations. Or maybe you wished for a warm-weather holiday near the beach….
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These 8 Destinations in Asia and Australia Are a Bleisure Traveler’s Dream

Imagine starting your day by an oceanfront pool, laptop and cup of coffee in hand, and clocking out in the afternoon for a mountain trek or swim in the sea. If this sounds like perfection,…
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6 Road-Trip-Worthy Hotels in Asia and the Pacific

World-class beaches, hilltop stations with epic hiking and whitewater rafting right outside the door, temples galore and wildlife encounters that range from penguins to elephants are all in store when you plan a road trip…
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Plotting a 3-Day Escape? 6 Exceptional Weekend Vacation Spots in East Asia

Whether it’s a city break you desire or a beach getaway, in East Asia, the weekend trip is making a comeback. Sip tea on a mountain, dive in a sinkhole and explore an artist village….
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Level Up Souvenir Shopping: Bring Home 6 One-of-a-Kind Gifts Crafted by Your Hotel

Souvenirs transport us back to far-flung destinations and unforgettable moments from our travels, especially when we find a personalized memento that has a unique connection to a place unlike any other. As always, check for…
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From Classic Cocktails to Wine and Bubbly, These 6 Hotel Bars Serve Drinks Mixed with Local Lore

From Seoul and Berlin to Texas and beyond, get a glimpse into the past while sipping beverages in the here and now at seven hotels where local history, traditions and craft are brought to life…
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Plan Your Escape to the Hottest New Hotels in Asia and Australia

With a new season comes a renewed sense of wanderlust, and the veteran traveler understands that the hotel is just as important as the location. These new hotels in Asia and Australia are all about immersive…
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3 Days in Seoul: What to See, Eat and Do in South Korea’s Capital City

Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm. And Seoul has become a glitzy hot spot for fans who can’t get enough of their favorite K-pop bands and Korean dramas. But beyond pilgrimages to film sites and…
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The New Year Is Here (Finally!) — These Are 10 Places You’ll Definitely Want to Visit

As we start the new year, the promise of a return to travel seems within reach. Now is the time to start daydreaming about (and even low-key planning!) future trips and get inspired about places…