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Top 10 Beaches to Visit This Summer

Jenna Schnuer
Grab your sunblock and snorkel and make a day of it on Hanauma Bay. (Photo: Alamy)
Take water. Add sand. Regular sand. Sandbox sand, even. Maybe a few fish? Trees? …

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Pack It Up: 10 Must-Have Summer Vacation Items

Pam Mandel
Steer clear of the mozzies this summer with bug-proofed clothing. (Photo: Alamy)
It’s a day or two before you hit the road on your summer adventures. OK, maybe it’s not …

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Top 10 Cities to Visit This Summer

Sophia Dembling
The walled city of Old Quebec, a World Heritage Site, is French in flavor, inviting and walkable. (Photo: Alamy)
For some travelers, summer vacation is spent playing in the great …

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Top 10 Adventures to Have This Summer

Jenna Schnuer
Soar like a bird … on a wire, that is, at Trapeze School New York. (Photo: Alamy)
Whether your summer to-do list includes excitement of the heart-racing variety or you …

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Summer is Coming. Toronto’s Must-Do Festivals

Kathleen Gossman
The best Toronto festivals happen in summer like the hotter than hot Toronto Caribbean Festival or the renowned Toronto International Film Festival. (Photo: MaximImages / Alamy Stock Photo)
Most big …