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6 Must-Visit Hidden Gems in Japan

Katherine Alex Beaven
Let’s face it: when we travel somewhere for the first time, especially a place that can seem as foreign as Japan, it’s easy to fall into the same tourist trail. …

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A Local’s Guide to Tokyo’s Hidden Neighborhoods

Anna Byrne
Take a tour of Tokyo’s less touristy districts. (Photo: Alamy)
Tokyo isn’t one homogenized city—it’s a whole cluster of neighborhoods, each with its own character and secret attractions known only …

Health + Fitness

Where to Find Your Bliss in Tokyo

Jason L Gatewood
Tokyo is often called the world’s most densely populated megacity and with good reason. Roughly 30 million people—about 25 percent of Japan’s total population—live in the 37-mile radius around Greater …

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The Best Time to View Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

Dale Rutledge
If Wintertime blues have got you daydreaming of warm weather picnics and exotic travel then Japan’s Cherry Blossom season should surely brighten your spirits. “Hanami,” Japanese for flower viewing season, …