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From Casual to High-End, These Tokyo Sushi Restaurants Prepare Impeccable Seafood 

From buzzy izakayas to chic kaiseki restaurants, dining in Tokyo is a near-outrageous pleasure. Arguably the best seafood in the world passes through Toyosu Market, and much of that ends up at sushi counters throughout…
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3 Days in Tokyo: Thriving Cityscapes, Serene Shrines and Star-Studded Culinary Gems

Tokyo, which means “Eastern Capital” in Japanese, got its name when the emperor’s seat moved from Kyoto in 1868 during the Meiji Restoration. It’s now the largest metropolitan area in the world, and Tokyo’s streets…
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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in Asia and the Pacific

Life gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate, both large and small. But when major milestones pop up, why not go all out? Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday or a new business, there are…
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11 Rooftop Bars and Dining Experiences Worth Traveling For

Why climb a tower to experience panoramic views of an amazing destination when you could appreciate the same gorgeous skyline with a cocktail in hand? From Indonesia’s highest rooftop bar to a sushi restaurant with…
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Hungry? Dig Into Marriott Bonvoy Insiders’ Top Hotel Eats

One of our all-time favorite reasons to travel? Food — and we’re talking the kind that is definitely worth writing home about. It only gets better when you can stay on-site to enjoy it all….
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Are You a ‘Pet-setter’? Here’s Where to Pamper Fur-Ever Friends on the Road

Animal rescue groups reported a huge boom in pet adoptions last year, and with remote work becoming more widespread than ever, the idea of working from anywhere — with your four-legged BFF curled up at…
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The Inside Scoop: These 9 Properties Rank Among Marriott Associates’ Favorites

Like many people, Marriott associates often keep wish lists of where they’d like to travel next, relying on their expertise in crafting memorable stays for guests while choosing from Marriott’s expansive portfolio of hotels, resorts…

Explore Tokyo Bay, the City’s Playground

Tokyo Bay is where Tokyoites go to play, and with scores of attractions ringing the waterfront, there’s plenty to keep you busy on the bay. As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before planning…

Itching for a Weekend Adventure? Here Are the Top Outdoor Getaways for an Adrenaline Fix

A weekend escape to the city doesn’t have to mean waiting to be seated at a crowded restaurant or standing in line to board an even more densely packed train. It can also mean breathing…
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7 Ways to Be More Present While Traveling Across Asia and the Pacific

The privilege of travel helps us switch off from persistent work or home noise and instead connects us with what’s right there in front of us, right now. Living in the moment lets us reconnect…