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The Ultimate Guide to a Great Lakes Vacation

The Great Lakes — the world’s largest surface freshwater system — are so massive that they create their own weather patterns. And a day spent taking in the beauty and power of their waters has…

Elevate Your Family Vacation at 11 Hotels with Eye-Popping Perks for Kids

As a parent, you have an entirely different set of priorities when choosing a hotel that’s fit for your family. Instead of swim-up bars and late-night comedy shows, you’re probably keen on having room to…

Incredible Outdoor Experiences Less Than 3 Hours from These Canadian Cities

As the world’s second-largest country, Canada abounds with remote natural wonders. But what if viewing the aurora borealis in the Northwest Territories or visiting the Athabasca Sand Dunes in Saskatchewan isn’t feasible for you? Happily,…
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6 Epic Holiday Party Venues Across the U.S. and Canada

Fueled by good food and drink, festive parties are an end-of-year staple, giving friends and colleagues a chance to get together and celebrate the joy of the season. Sure, you can hold them anywhere, but…
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6 Team-Building Trip Ideas to Pitch to Your Boss

Whether your work is remote, in-office or hybrid, it’s likely your industry is seeing an uptick in business travel — a bonus for teams who want to see everyone’s stunning faces outside teeny Zoom boxes….

From Family Reunions to Quinceañeras: 6 Ideal Hotels for Family Gatherings

When you’re gathering the family for a milestone event, the venue can make all the difference. After all, a special occasion calls for a special hotel with amenities, services and accommodations that will suit all…
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Airport Hotels Designs That Defy Stereotype, from Amsterdam to Toronto

What can a thoughtful designer do to re-invent the forgettable trappings of a hotel that’s always been treated — quite literally — as a layover? Hamish learns how airport hotels are being overhauled to deliver…

5 One-of-a-Kind Wedding Experiences You Won’t Believe Are at Hotels

Weddings are back — big time — and couples are looking to make their unions more unique and experiential than ever. Hotels across the world are stepping up their game, offering incredible settings and ceremony…

From Beachside Bonfires to Mountain Backdrops, 6 Canada Beaches to Visit This Fall

Though dipping temperatures means Canada’s transitional fall season isn’t the time to splash in ocean or lake waters, the empty stretches of sand and thinner crowds make this a peaceful time to visit the coast….

From Welcome Party to Next-Day Detox — Here’s How to Plan an Epic Wedding Weekend

Weddings are back and bigger than ever. Now, instead of the traditional ceremony and reception, weddings have turned into full-blown weekend fêtes, complete with welcome parties, daytime activities and post-wedding detox events. If you’re completely…