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7 Charming European Coastal Towns to Have on Your Radar

Europe’s coastline is a thing of wonder, its charms ranging from the crisp, bracing air and rugged beauty of the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean seasides to the sun-kissed resorts and gorgeous cliff-hugging villages of…
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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in Europe

Whether it’s a big birthday, your honeymoon or a promotion at the job you love, life has many milestones worth celebrating. So, why not do it in style with a mini-break to really mark the…
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Step Out After Hours in These 4 Hot Neighborhoods Around the Globe

Nightlife comes in as many varieties as there are cities to celebrate it. And if you travel for after-hours fun as much as for maximizing all there is to do during the day in a…
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Travel by Train: 6 Unforgettable Journeys by Rail in Europe and Africa

Simply put, traveling by train is a smart choice: easier than buses, more relaxing than driving and far more sustainable than flying. An added bonus? In many destinations, riding the rails is also an unbridled…
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Why Marriott Associates Stan These 7 Hotels in Europe and the Middle East

Marriott International associates have the world’s finest accommodations at their fingertips. When your job is to ensure guests relish their stays in the world’s most enchanting properties, you come to recognize the best of the…

Global Classroom: 3 Family Destinations that Spark Ideas and Inspire Learning

An endless world of information and knowledge awaits at our fingertips, across a multitude of devices, still, as much as the digital realm inspires, curiosity is constantly fueled — and imagination sparked — by the…
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Find Your Groove in 7 of the World’s Top Cities for Live Music

While you’re wandering the planet, sometimes you want to jam out to live music or dance the night away accompanied by thunderous beats emanating from the decks of killer DJs or live drum kits. For…

Brilliant Beaches, Amusement Parks and More: Discover Europe’s Top Family Vacations

Whether you’re wrangling a squad of little outdoor adventurers, wee ones filled with wonder for wildlife or kids craving culture (hey, it can happen!), these six spots make for some of Europe’s top family vacations….
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Travel in Style at 7 Scene-Stealing EDITION Hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Indefatigably chic and honoring local aesthetics, each of these seven EDITION hotels redefine a sense of place in their city thanks to unique design elements and locally inspired touches. Developed in collaboration with legendary hotelier…

London (Nature) Calling: Where to Experience the Best of the Outdoors in the Heart of the City

London is one of the world’s most nature-packed major cities. With more than 3,000 parks (including many Royal Parks, comprising lands originally owned by the monarchy), eight million trees, 14,000 species of wildlife and much…