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This Is What Happened When Marriott Produced a Song With One of Indonesia’s Biggest DJs

It’s hard not to want to make music when you work with Dipha Barus. The popular Indonesian DJ was already set to star in Marriott’s “You Are Here” campaign, filmed in and around the W…
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Niecy Nash Turns Up the Heat in ‘As the Fire Pit Burns’

Whether she’s making people clean up their homes on Style Network, hilariously fighting crime in Reno on Comedy Central or running from knife-wielding killers on Fox’s “Scream Queens,” Niecy Nash loves a challenge. As long…
New Orleans

6 Ways to Do New Orleans Like Trombone Shorty Since Trombone Shorty is such a fixture of the New Orleans jazz scene (it’s even in his band’s name: Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue) we thought there’s no one better to provide a local’s…
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Tour Paris in Under Two Minutes

After exploring London, the City of Lights gets the star treatment in Paul Richardson’s hyperlapse video that showcases the beauty of Paris. In just over a minute, you’ll soar over the Seine, see the Arc…
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Why New York City is Casey Neistat’s Muse

“I’ve romanticized this city to unhealthy heights,” says filmmaker Casey Neistat of New York City, which ends up as the setting of many of his productions. Neistat grew up on movies that were shot in…
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Tour London in Two Minutes Flat With Our Hyperlapse Video

If you ever questioned whether to visit London — or need a nudge to go back — all you have to do is take a look at Paul Richardson’s captivating hyperlapse video of the city….
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This is What Happened When Scooter Magruder Went to Santa Clara

Santa Clara, Calif. hosted one of the biggest sports events in America on February 7, 2016, attracting thousands of football fans to the quaint city of just over 100,000 residents, possibly doubling is population. So we…
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Why Justin Bieber’s Trip to Iceland Became a Music Video

It’s fleeting, but for a few seconds in Justin Bieber’s music video for his song “I’ll Show You,” the expression on the singer’s face after tumbling down a moss-covered hill is one of pure joy….
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Spike Lee on Why Brooklyn Has a Starring Role in His Films

There’s no bigger character in a “Spike Lee Joint” than Brooklyn; it’s as prominent and charismatic as Mars Blackmon in “She’s Gotta Have It” and Radio Raheem in “Do The Right Thing.” The steps of…
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You Won’t Guess Mr. T’s Favorite Travel Memory

“I used to sleep with a cinderblock under my head,” jokes Lawrence Tureaud as Mr. T in a new series of hilarious videos for Marriott’s Fairfield Inn & Suites in which the iconic character, decked…