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Written in the Stars: How to Plan Your Ideal Astrology-Inspired Vacation

You look to the stars to navigate dating, work drama and life decisions, so seek their infinite wisdom where it really counts: planning your next vacation.  To journey into the world of planets and stars,…
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Kick Back for 3 Days in Virginia Beach, Virgina

Virginia Beach is an idyllic destination for those looking for some rest and to rejuvenate among beaches, creative spaces and the great outdoors. While there are plenty of ocean views to relax in front of…
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Virginia is for Beach Lovers: Weekend Guide to Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake

Stretching more than 200 miles to the Atlantic Ocean, Chesapeake Bay is famous for its seafood, scenery and wildlife. Although there are enough activities to keep you busy for weeks on end, the Chesapeake Bay…
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From Classic Cocktails to Wine and Bubbly, These 6 Hotel Bars Serve Drinks Mixed with Local Lore

From Seoul and Berlin to Texas and beyond, get a glimpse into the past while sipping beverages in the here and now at seven hotels where local history, traditions and craft are brought to life…
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Beach, Boardwalk, and Bridges: An Insider’s Guide to Virginia Beach

Slurp down oysters and rub elbows with locals at Chick’s Oyster Bar. (Photos: Andar Sawyers) Nestled where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach has long been a favorite Mid-Atlantic destination for sun-and-sand-seekers….
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Stretch Your Purse Strings in Virginia Beach’s Unique Shopping Districts

Start your shopping tour in Virginia Beach’s Town Center. (Photo: Andar Sawyers) It’s hard to describe Virginia Beach, Virginia in just a word or two. That’s because the city’s culture runs the gamut from laid-back…
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From Sea Air to Salt Rooms: The 3 Best Ways to Rejuvenate in Virginia Beach

Lazing on the sand isn’t the only way to unwind in Virginia Beach. (Photo: Alamy) As long as humankind has wiggled its toes in sandy beaches, sea air has been synonymous with rejuvenation and relaxation….
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Hot Fun Out of the Sun: What to Do in Virginia Beach After Dark

Head to the Funny Bone for dinner and nightly stand-up with regional and national comedians like Mike Birbiglia and Jeff Dye. (Photos: Andar Sawyer) When you’re done catching rays and splashing in the surf in…
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On a Budget? Find Free Family Fun in the Virginia Beach Sun

If you’re traveling to Virginia Beach with kids in tow and trying not to break the bank, you’re in luck. This sprawling metropolis situated on the oceanfront houses an abundance of budget-friendly—and often free—activities that…
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Off-the-Beaten-Path Finds: 3 Must-Visit Neighborhoods in Virginia Beach

Discover First Landing State Park where Virginia’s earliest settlers first made land. (Photos: Andar Sawyers) One of the most famous attractions in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is its three-mile boardwalk in the Oceanfront district. But if…