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Give Me a Sign: This Year, Let the Zodiac Be Your Travel Guide

Pack your bags, travelers. Tap into your zodiac vibe to learn your travel fortune for the year.
Tips + Trends

Written in the Stars: How to Plan Your Ideal Astrology-Inspired Vacation

You look to the stars to navigate dating, work drama and life decisions, so seek their infinite wisdom where it really counts: planning your next vacation.  To journey into the world of planets and stars,…
Weekend Getaways

9 Truly One-of-a-Kind Hotels for a Unique Weekend Getaway

One-of-a-kind accommodations make a weekend getaway extra special. After all, overnighting at a hotel with an unusual history, remarkable location or exceptional amenities adds to the thrill of a quick escape from everyday life. Read…
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Fine Dining for Discerning Foodies at These 6 Indulgent Hotels

Long gone are the days when hotel dining was a late-night, last-minute resort. Instead, hotels around the world have upped their offerings and made in-house meals a main attraction. You can get your fine dining…
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Why You’ll Want to Take 5 GOAT (Greatest of All Travel) Road Trips in the U.S.

Getting into the car and taking off on a road trip is a great American tradition, and the U.S. is fortunate to have myriad iconic routes from which to choose. From coast to coast, and…
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Travel Through Time in Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

A little city with a lot going on, Fredericksburg, Virginia, delivers an exceptional food scene, dozens of galleries and boutiques and a whirlwind tour of American history in one easygoing package. Located halfway between Washington,…
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Kick Back for 3 Days in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is an idyllic destination for those looking for some rest and to rejuvenate among beaches, creative spaces and the great outdoors. While there are plenty of ocean views to relax in front of…
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World-Class Recreation and Culture Meet in Roanoke, Virginia

Known as the Star City of the South, Roanoke, Virginia, is one of those destinations that feels like it was made for a quick, long weekend escape from reality. Not only is it home to…
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Exploration Made Easy: 8 Great Local Experiences Without Leaving Your Hotel

There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a new-to-you destination with all five senses from the get-go — literally the moment you check in at your hotel. Here are eight places to stay where you can…
Weekend Getaways

Spend a Laid-Back Weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg may be nearly 400 years old, but don’t let its age fool you: This little city is anything but stodgy. With countless 18th-century sights, elegant restaurants and famed amusement parks, it’s a marriage of…