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Give Me a Sign: This Year, Let the Zodiac Be Your Travel Guide

Pack your bags, travelers. Tap into your zodiac vibe to learn your travel fortune for the year.
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Written in the Stars: How to Plan Your Ideal Astrology-Inspired Vacation

You look to the stars to navigate dating, work drama and life decisions, so seek their infinite wisdom where it really counts: planning your next vacation.  To journey into the world of planets and stars,…
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These 6 Hotels Go All Out for the Holidays in Europe

Holidays at home can be wonderful, but it’s hard to top a dreamy, festive vacation at a hotel that’s bursting with holiday magic. From glittering galas to gourmet menus, you can live your holiday fantasy…
Travel by Design

Find Booklover’s Bliss in These 12 Hotel Libraries

Hotel amenities like over-the-top roof decks and personal plunge pools are divine, but for book-loving travelers, there’s nothing better than finding a cozy space to read one more chapter or running a finger along the…
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The Ultimate Pet Bucket List: Best Things to Do with Your Pet, from London to Dubai

Travel is so much better with your four-legged pal in tow, but where to go when you want to be sure of a warm welcome? From bars that welcome pooches to pet-friendly boat trips and…
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9 Ultra-Luxe Experiences Across the Globe, from Spain to Bahrain

Whether you’re seeking personal enrichment, a romantic interlude, total privacy or the chance to pamper yourself in stunning surroundings, choose to live your best life — and create unique memories — as you follow this…