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10 Things to Take on Your Summer Road Trip

It’s summer road trip time. Before you hit the highways, get ready to go with these must-haves for spending hours in the car. Happy driving!

Waze App

road-trip-what-to-pack-waze-appGet real-time traffic alerts from other drivers. You’ll see icons on the app for everything road related, from traffic jams to speed traps.

GasBuddy App

Find the best places — and prices — to fill up your gas tank. Pro tip: pack a prepaid gas card in your wallet.

Phone Mount

Put your phone on the dash so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your focus on the road.

Emergency Kit

Be prepared with jumper cables, a tire jack, flashlight and flares. A first aid kit is a good idea, too.


Don’t get hangry on the road. Pack a cooler loaded with water and snacks, like apples, nuts and protein bars.

Travel Mug

Stay hydrated —or caffeinated — for the drive. Bonus points if you bring a spill proof mug.

Cargo Box

If storage is an issue, move your luggage to the roof and use a backpack for the essentials that you need in the car.

Music Playlists

Scenery will only keep you entertained for so long. Put together your perfect playlist and listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts on the drive.

Movies & Books

Pack movies for the kids — and books, too, in all versions: audio, digital and paperback. No more “are we there yet?”

USB Car Charger

Keep all your devices fully powered while you explore the open road.