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5 Apps Every Savvy Traveler Should Download Before Their Next Vacation

Save yourself time and money with these travel apps. (Photo: MIKA Images / Alamy)

Rather than stuffing your carry on with bulky books, a GPS and digital camera, why not consolidate them all into one? The less baggage you’re toting, the less you’ll have to worry about on your vacation. Check out these five apps and download them before you hit the road to make the most of your trip. Oh yeah, and don’t forget your phone charger!

Books and Books on Kindle

The Kindle app is a game changer when it comes to having access to all of the reading material you could ever want. From the morning newspaper and your favorite magazine to novels and travel guides, you don’t have to worry about hauling thousands of pages through airport security on your back or in your carry on.

Look Like a Photo Pro Using VSCO Cam

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Smile pretty, then edit to your heart’s content. (Photo: Jack Frog / Alamy)

Whether you’re adding a filter to your “hot dogs or legs?” Instagram or taking a sun-kissed selfie, VSCO Cam is the best way to take your photos to the next level. Advanced features like faster shutter speed, manual focus and exposure reparation let you have complete control over your creativity. Their simple editing tool lets you make small changes and compare photos side by side. Their filters are a step up from your typical “X-Pro,” too.

Stay on Track With Waze

Waze is every directionally challenged person’s dream. The vacation-savvy app provides drivers with real time navigation help from real people. Ultimately focused on saving you time and money, this community-based technology’s main goal is to outsmart traffic. Edit maps, give fellow drivers a heads up about traffic patterns and coordinate arrival times with friends. Waze will talk to you, too, so you’re not fiddling with your phone when you should be concentrating on the road.

Jam Out to Your Tunes on Spotify

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Rock out to tunes on Spotify during your vacation workout.

Music is one of the best travel buddies. That’s why the Spotify app is key. Even if you don’t have a monthly membership, you’re still able to curate playlists, follow friends and listen to the latest hits. We suggest making a mix for the plane ride, one for your workout routine and one for lounging. If you do create an account, you’re able to download music to listen to when you’re offline. Just don’t forget your headphones.

Save a Seat With OpenTable

OpenTable has become a staple for finding great restaurants and making reservations. More and more restaurants are hopping on the bandwagon and allowing foodies to book a table through the app. Plug in the number of people in your party and your time preference, and the app will show you everything that’s available within a two-hour time frame.

By the way, all of these apps are free. Isn’t that app-solutely wonderful?