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6 Surprising Ways Men and Women Travel

Travel can hardly be called a battle of the sexes, but men and women have different ways of taking trips.

To explore some of those differences, Marriott RewardsSPG and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards programs asked frequent travelers questions to produce a Global Travel Tracker survey and get to know them on a more personal level.

When it comes to actually unplugging, it turns out women do a better job than men. Roughly 34% of female respondents said they can turn off their work email, versus 23% of men.

Women also do a better job of completely disconnecting from email, with 52% of women saying they can respond later, compared to 43% of men.

On the other hand, 44% of men tend to return to work less stressed, compared to 36% of women.

Maybe it comes down to what they’re doing during their travels. Or who?

Men tend to be more adventurous, especially when it comes to eating, with 65% saying they’ve tried escargot or reptiles (including frog legs, turtle soup and alligator).

The survey also found that men have more romantic encounters on vacation than women, with 31% saying they have had a romantic rendezvous with someone they just met on vacation.

Another 37% of men reported having romantic encounters more often than women (25%).

And men are more likely to visit a nude beach—77% said they would ditch their clothing and consider checking one out, versus only 60% of women. Altogether, only 23% of leisure travelers are interested in visiting a nudist beach, the survey found.

Who buys most of those I Love New York T-shirts? Yup, men again, with 22% of them likely to buy touristy T-shirts to show off, compared to just 16% of women. It’s a pretty low number for either sex, making us wonder just who doesn’t want to admit to having them a tacky T-shirt in their closet?

If you want memories of someone’s travels, 51% of women are more likely to post pictures on social media versus 45% of men.

Overall, 67% of travelers prefer to nap on vacation than take a long runs or exercise. Who’s doing the sleeping? Women, at a whopping 71%.

The global travel survey was conducted online, with more than 6,600 leisure travelers in 14 international cities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia participating.

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