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Business Travel Resources to Solve Any Dilemma

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You’ve heard Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Well, in our experience, that law seems to favor business trips. You know the feeling: broken computers, busted seams, bad hair days, sudden sickness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. On your next trip to Chicago, be sure to pack this emergency list to stave off panic and find quick solutions for a smooth visit to the Windy City.

  1. Repair wardrobe malfunctions. Rips, stains and shoe disasters happen. Thankfully, Wabash Cleaners, located in the South Loop, is available for alterations, dry cleaning, shoe repair and more. Bonus: service is speedy, and they even offer pick-up and delivery.
  2. Defeat tech issues. Your computer is your business lifeline, and if something goes wrong, you need fast action. If you’ve got a Mac in your bag, make a Genius Bar reservation online at Michigan Avenue’s oh-so-sleek Apple Store. If you prefer PCs, head to Micro Center, where there’s a repair technician on hand who can resurrect any brand of computer. You’ll also find just about every electronic part and accessory known to humankind, along with software, speakers and even robotic kits — because, why not?
  3. Fix your phone. You dropped your smartphone. The entire face is a spiderweb of glass, which means you can’t field calls or email while you’re on the road. Head to My Direct Repair, where you can be in and out, fixed phone in hand, in a jiffy. (Note: a “jiffy” can translate to a half hour or a full business day, depending on who’s ahead of you.)
  4. Heal in your hotel. The worst of the worst has happened. You’re in town on a business trip, and you’re too sick to move. Medical help is just a phone call away with Chicago Express Doctors. Qualified physicians are available 24 hours a day to come to your hotel and get you on the mend.
  5. Make a great first impression. Bad hair days have a tendency to strike on the road — call it climate change. If you need a quick blowout before your morning meeting, Blowtique has you covered. With convenient locations in the Gold Coast and on the Magnificent Mile, $40 gets you in and out, looking salon-perfect in minutes. Men who need a little freshening up can head to the 316 Club Barber Spa for a cut, neck trim, shave, shoeshine, wax and other services. Why not get a little zen (and pampering, in the most masculine of ways) before your next presentation?