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Devyn Walker shares her top packing tips. (Photo: Courtesy of AWAY)

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How Wellness Entrepreneur Devyn Walker Packs for a Staycation in Fort Worth, Texas

You might think that someone who is a practicing therapist, yoga teacher, content creator, and business owner might not have much time for travel—but Devyn Walker stays on top of it all.

“What’s really helped me keep the balance is setting my schedule,” says Walker, who sees therapy clients three days a week at her Dallas-based practice. “The other days of the week give me time to take a weekend trip if I want to.”

Walker most recently visited Arizona, and before that she was in New York. After her staycation at Hotel Drover, Autograph Collection, she’ll be headed to Mexico. “You have to prioritize and make the time for travel,” says Walker. “It’s definitely a part of my self-care. It gives me a chance to disconnect and reground myself.”

That’s why Walker loves getting a chance to explore all the little pockets of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. “Fort Worth is a really unique place,” says Walker. “There’s beautiful nature here and a lot of culture.”

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Find a moment of zen. (Photo: Courtesy of AWAY)

Walker was born in Texarkana, Texas, and moved to the DFW-area after college to become a therapist. She got into the wellness business after seeing a void in the industry in Dallas. “When I got started, there wasn’t any therapy or yoga created with people of color in mind,” says Walker.

Walker now oversees a private practice called Transcend Wellness Boutique. With a practice in one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country, she certainly has her work cut out for her.

We caught up with Walker to hear about how she uses travel to recharge, what she loves about Fort Worth, and more.

A Sip or Two…

“I love to go bar hopping in Fort Worth,” says Walker. Her favorites are on Houston Street and The Amber Room, a downtown speakeasy. But if she’s looking to get caffeinated, Walker’s top choice for coffee in Fort Worth is Black Coffee. “They just have really good coffee and they’re black-owned,” says Walker. “You have to try the caramel apple latte.”

You can even bring home beans, whole or ground, roasted specifically for Black Coffee.

aerial view of fort worth
Explore the outdoors in Fort Worth. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fort Worth’s Great Outdoors

“Fort Worth has a ton of parks and gardens,” says Walker. “Typically, when I’m doing outdoorsy things, I’m in Fort Worth.” She particularly enjoys the Fun on the Run paintball park, the Fort Worth Zoo, and the city’s Trinity Trails, which offers more than 100+ miles of walking, running, and biking trails.

But if you happen to come to the DFW area in the fall, Walker says you absolutely should not skip the Texas State Fair. “It’s the best fair in the country, I’m willing to bet on it,” says Walker. “I’ve gone to a few different fairs, and none of them do it as big as the Texas State Fair.”

Arts, Culture, Texas

“Fort Worth has some great museums, but my favorite one is the Modern Art Museum,” says Walker. Exhibitions over the past few years include KAWS, a Frank Stella retrospective, and Kehinde Wiley. Their museum gift shop is also not to be missed.

If you’re looking for a dose of Texas with your film screening experience, Walker also loves the Coyote Drive-In. The retro-style drive-in movie theater boasts a bar with local brews and classic theater grub like popcorn, nachos, and hot dogs.

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Always pack the essentials. (Photo: Courtesy of AWAY)

Packing for Fort Worth

When headed to an active, hot locale like Fort Worth, Walker recommends taking hydration packets along, like Liquid IV.

“If you’re going to go drinking, or hiking, or anything like that, you wanna make sure you stay hydrated,” says Walker, and hydration packets just add that extra boost when traveling.

In terms of clothing, Walker says the style in Fort Worth is definitely more casual than its sister city of Dallas. “Depending on the time of year, definitely pack clothes that are light, even workout gear where it’s breathable, because you will get hot and you will sweat,” says Walker.

Can’t Leave Home Without…

“I definitely need to have my jade roller and my satin pillowcase to protect my hair,” says Walker.

Walker is also diligent with her Five Minute Journal. “It’s just something that I do in the morning and at night,” she says. “It’s kinda like a gratitude journal and it just keeps me grounded throughout a trip.”

Walker gets body butters, oils, and soaps from Dallas-based brand Abundantly Aromatic. Their handmade products can be found at the Dallas Farmers Market. “It’s the best body butter I’ve ever used in my life. I have to keep it stocked up regularly.”

But mostly, Walker is a fan of minimal packing. “Less is more,” she says, and she appreciates having a smaller but durable luggage, like the Away Carry-On. “Not checking a bag saves me so much time.”

woman with suitcase on hotel bed
Less is more. (Photo: Courtesy of AWAY)

Fort Worth Keepsakes

Looking to bring something back to your loved ones? Walker loves The Collective Studios. “They sell products from local small businesses and hold workshops for them as well,” she says. Walker also recommends gifted, “a cute little shop that has thoughtful, curated gifts—I really love their incense.”

Of course, there’s always the famous Buc-ee’s gas station. Though this chain can be found around the state, each store is tailored specially for the town they’re in, making them a great place to stop for keepsakes. “You know in Texas, we love our Buc-ee’s,” says Walker.

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