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There’s no reason to look as tired as you might feel post-flight. (Photo: Getty Images)

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So Fresh, So Fine: Air-Travel Tips for Deplaning Fresh as a Daisy

Tired of disembarking from airplanes looking like an extra from “The Walking Dead”? There’s hope for you yet. You can step off your flight with a dewy complexion and fight under-eye circles with a few air travel tips and refreshing products.

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Freshen the Air Up There

Air travel is notoriously drying, but carrying liquid moisturizers through security can be a hassle. Instead, hydrate with moisturized wipes, and you won’t have to worry about carry-on lotion sizes.

Choose e.l.f. Hydrating Water Cleansing Cloths with gentle aloe vera to leave your skin cleansed so your pores can breathe midair.

air travel tips
Ease away your aches and pains with Yoga Balm. (Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton)

To combat inflammation, pack a bottle of Yoga Balm to ease any aches and pains due to sitting down for several consecutive hours on the flight.

Yoga Balm’s organic essential healing blend is used to spot-treat tense muscles, promote healing and enhance natural wellness. Its minty scent has the added benefit of aromatherapy to help freshen stale airplane air.

The Best Gear Up Here

Your grandma was onto something — wear compression socks to keep the blood flowing, loose pants with as much give as possible, and comfy slip-on shoes. Sport an oversized scarf that can double as an instant blanket and/or pillow for on-board naps.

Think of it as a blanket for your neck, and scour import shops like World Market for gigantic silky pashminas that won’t break the bank.

Oversized sunnies are also your friend, paparazzi or not. They’ll block out light while you steal some sleep. Black Flatscreen designer shades by Raen are unisex, square and utilitarian, with plenty of style.

To complete your cone of solitude, opt for noise-canceling headphones for any moment of zen you can manage to find. No matter how loud the tiny passengers behind you become, Sony’s lightweight model ZX770BN can mute them with the touch of the noise-canceling button on the ear cup.

They’re a good option to plug in to your phone, since Bluetooth is of little help once the Wi-Fi goes off. Either crank your favorite tunes, from Enya to Quiet Riot, or enjoy the sweet bliss of listening to nothing at all.

Snack Packs and Sweet Tea

Avoid drinking dehydrating alcoholic drinks to take the airplane edge off. Instead go for calming herbal tea and your favorite trail mix for a healthy alternative to bags of tiny crackers and beer.

Whole Foods offers a mix-your-own trail mix bar, and Trader Joe’s has individual snack-sized mixes so you can throw a few in your bag and go.

Bring your own travel mug with lemon slices and your favorite sweetener along with ginger turmeric tea bags for relaxation and germ fighting, and you can brew a cup (or two) with hot-water refills from flight attendants. Rishi’s tea blend also includes licorice root, lemon and orange zest for added zing.

Midair Aerobics

Work in some aisle stretches on your way to and from the bathroom, no matter how many funny looks that engenders.

Two arms stretched high in the air, gentle leg stretches and a twist at the waist in both directions will help stave off cramped muscles when you disembark. (Best to avoid the lunge in cramped company.)

Stepping Out

air travel tips
Smell clean and fresh with this spritz. (Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton)

And to stroll off the plane smelling fresh in a cloud of botanicals, bring a spritzer of Asprey Purple Water Eau de Cologne.

Slightly spicy and earthy with zesty notes of citrus, this eau de cologne for The Ritz-Carlton keeps you fresh throughout the day’s adventures.

Finally, pack antibacterial flight wipes to lessen your chance of an airplane bug following you to your destination. Happy trails.