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Sniff No More: Foolproof Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Getting sick on the road is no joke; learn how to stay healthy on vacation. (Photo: iStock)

As magical as travel can be, the crowded airports, plane food and jet lag can definitely take a toll on your body. Taking precautions before your departure makes a world of difference. Check out our tips on how to avoid getting sick while traveling.

Before Takeoff

Prior to boarding the aircraft, make sure you’ve packed all necessary and precautionary medications. Whether your allergies flare up mid-flight or you feel a cold coming on, at least you’ll be armed with a remedy. It’s also not a bad idea to fuel up with a multivitamin or probiotic before you depart. You’re about to enter into the world of close quarters and public restrooms, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Once its wheels up to your destination, try your best to remember to sanitize your hands. Germs can be found almost anywhere in the airport after crowds flood ticket lines, security checks and coffee stations. If you can, take a nap on the plane to rest your body. This will help you feel energized when you land, and may even help avoid jet lag.

At Your Destination

Staying healthy on vacation won’t be difficult if you stay active and maintain a healthy diet. Cooking your own food and downloading apps like Oh, Ranger! to discover ways to stay active can do a world of wonders. It will also bode you well to sample small plates of authentic food rather than feasting on dishes you can easily find at home.

Check out our infographic for more tips on how to avoid getting sick while traveling!