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Gadget Lover? Geek Out Over These Travel Must-Haves

Whether you’re bound for the beach or a round-the-world tour, you’ve likely long forgone the idea of traveling without tech. Sure, Instagram and emails are a vacation time suck, but it’s hard to ignore the benefits of great travel gadgets.

From getting lost to misplacing your smartphone, tech can prevent the worst in travel mishaps. Reduce your stress by packing these 10 essential gadgets in your vacay carry-on.

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Apple iPhone XS — 64GB

travel gear
(Photo: Courtesy of Maritz)

Remember the days when we purposely left our cell phones home when traveling? That era’s now as dead as the dinosaurs, and today, an Apple iPhone is arguably your most indispensable travel gadget. Use it to load boarding passes, hail an Uber, binge movies on a red-eye, or get directions on the go.

And when it comes to selfie snapping and vacation movie filming, the iPhone XS is the only camera you’ll need. The new Portrait Mode creates beautifully blurred backgrounds, while improved low-light shooting and enhanced 4K video ensure you’ll never miss a moment. Use your visage as a password with Face ID to keep pictures private and strangers out.

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) 40mm Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop

An Apple Watch is the travel partner you never knew you needed. Monitor flight delays and baggage status, and use it to check in to (and in some cases, unlock) your hotel room. Once you hit the streets, the watch’s best travel feature comes into play: navigation.

Blend in with the locals and get turn-by-turn walking directions on your wrist so you won’t look like a lost tourist. Thanks to built-in cellular, you can even make phone calls, send text messages and ask Siri for help — all without your phone in sight.

And if you’re staying active, there’s no need to bring a separate fitness watch along. Apple Watch tracks your workouts automatically and plays music via wireless headphones.

TravelSmart Luggage Scale

travel gear
(Photo: Courtesy of Maritz)

Ever done the ticket-counter luggage shuffle? Moving packed items to your carry-on to make weight is embarrassing. Skip it next time with this brilliant, packable TravelSmart Luggage Scale. Simply attach your bag, hold it up and wait for a beep to find out if you’re over the limit.

Use the included tape measure to check if your carry-on is indeed carry-on sized. (Don’t be the person stuffing a full-size bag into the overhead bin.)

TravelSmart All-In-One Adapter with USB Port

Our phones go everywhere with us now, and the TravelSmart All-In-One Adapter keeps your phone charged, whether you’re spotting kangaroos in the Outback or hiking Machu Picchu. This adapter converts plugs to work in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America with built-in surge protection to prevent smoking smartphones and electricity spikes.

Vivitar Lithium 10,000 mAh Power Bank

In the iPhone era, few vacation faux pas are worse than realizing your phone battery’s approaching zero — with no outlets in sight. Prep for the unexpected and pack the Vivitar Lithium 10,000 mAh Rechargeable Power Bank to keep your Instagram game going strong. Whether venturing into the wilderness, onto an airplane or into a foreign land, this small, powerful bank provides four and a half full charges before you need to juice it via USB.

iSound Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

travel gear
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Nothing says “I don’t want to talk” like a pair of headphones. Drown out the sounds of crying babies and Chatty Cathys on your next flight with iSound Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

Jam out to your favorite playlist and binge-listen to the Serial podcast, all with clear, crisp sound. Control the volume and skip songs wirelessly, and even make phone calls once you’re on the ground with the anti-echo mic.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite High-Resolution E-reader

Pack 1,100 books in the palm of your hand with the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, a device built with bibliophiles in mind. Unlike tablets and phones, pinging notifications won’t interrupt your reading and relaxation. And you can sip a margarita while flipping virtual pages poolside thanks to its glare-free screen.

When night falls, read long after dark thanks to a built-in front light that illuminates the page — without causing eyestrain. With an eight-week battery life that lasts longer than a ’90s Nokia, save packing space and leave your charging cable at home.

TravelSmart by Conair USB-Powered Travel Humidifier

travel gear
(Photo: Courtesy of Maritz)

Whether flying at 30,000 feet or sleeping in a hotel room as dry as the Sahara, a lack of humidity can cause a host of skin and respiratory conditions. From cracked skin and chapped lips to nose bleeds and scratchy throats, dry air fuels unpleasant symptoms.

Stop slathering on chapstick and bring moisture back with a compact TravelSmart Travel Humidifier. The USB-powered unit doubles as a night light, attaches to nearly any water bottle and provides five hours of soothing, moisturizing mist.

TravelSmart by Conair Convert-It-All Converter and Worldwide Adapter Set

Traveling the world doesn’t mean looking constantly unkempt. Bring good hair days across the pond with the TravelSmart Convert-It-All Converter and Worldwide Adapter Set. Keep your curls quaffed or hair straightened with this set designed for using American hairdryers, straighteners or other styling tools in European outlets — without blowing them up.

In addition to adapting the shape of the plug to your destination country’s, this converter alters the voltage at the flick of a switch, rendering gadgets safe to use.

Tile Mate Tracker — 4 Pack

If you regularly misplace your phone, keys, laptop or even your pet Corgi (no judgment here), you need Tile Mate Trackers. Just stick or attach Tiles to your most precious cargo and track with the free Tile app.

Ring lost items in the app to locate them, or use Tile’s map to find anything out of earshot. Now with replaceable batteries that last 365 days, the four pack can keep tabs on your favorite things for years to come.