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Unpacked: Christopher Noerskau on Collecting Moments Instead of Money

Slow Watch creator Christopher Noerskau takes life one moment at a time. (Photos: Courtesy Christopher Noerskau)

Life is not a race against the clock. It’s about chasing moments rather than minutes. At least, this is what Christopher Noerskau believes, and we wholeheartedly agree with him. This is the story of a successful manager in the watch industry who decided to take time back into his own hands.

We spoke with Noerskau one week before his first son was due. Three months prior to that, he had swapped his hectic city lifestyle for a life on a Spanish beach, blessed with virtually eternal sunshine. The real turning point, however, that led to this series of fortunate events, was the decision he made in 2012.

After living in Hong Kong, where the years passed by like weeks, Noerskau and his work buddy Corvin Lask came up with the idea of a watch that changes your perception of time: The Slow Watch. Rather than counting minutes and seconds, its clean design only shows you the hours.

Just like living with the natural rhythm of the sun, Slow Watches reminds you to fully enjoy the moment — an idea, which we, at AC Hotels, directly fell in love with.

As partners in time, we were curious to hear what makes Noerskau tick. “My life is quite simple,” he told AC Hotels’ “Unpacked Project.” “Prestige to me is just not cool. I don’t need a big logo on my shirt or a massive chandelier in the lounge of my hotel. I do need a power plug in my room, natural light and a good bed. After all, big things happen when you focus on the little things.”

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Chris Noerskau’s Travel Essentials

Here are the things that help him embrace slow travel.


My Backpack

Me and my backpack go back a long way. It keeps me mobile. Ready to grab the moment.



My Slow Watch

My watch is a reminder to live life slowly. Saying that, I’m sure we could all cut our workload in half if we wouldn’t spend our time chasing the wrong goals.




Friends dare to say sorry and ‘I’ll do that better next time.’ My business partner Corvin is a true friend. Building a business together has strengthened our friendship.


Beach Tennis Racquets

Corvin and I have played beach tennis from Hong Kong to Southern Arabia. Even though the game is very fast-paced, it’s the perfect way to slow down.

Slow Life Essentials

Chris’ three essentials for living the slow life:

  • Simplify your life: Rethink what you really need. Cut the crap. See what’s left. That includes focusing on what you do, rather than on how you do it.
  • Manage your expectations. We tend to have big expectations. This prevents you from enjoying time the way you want to.
  • Dare to break with patterns. It might make you feel agitated at the start, but when you have the courage to change, a chain reaction of positivity is bound to follow.