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Santa Clara for Geeks: A Tech Museum and Go-Karts

Scooter unleashed his inner nerd at the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, Calif. (Photo: Courtesy Scooter Magruder)

Santa Clara is in the heart of Silicon Valley. It was only appropriate I visit the museum of one of the largest companies to spawn out of the area: the Intel Museum! Normally, I’m not big on museums, but this one intrigued me since I’m technologically savvy – at least I think I am. Also, my sister forced me to go since she is an engineering doctoral student. #nerd #DrMagruder #mydegreeisinFilmProduction

scooter magruder intel museum exhibit
Meeting the height requirement at the Intel Museum. (Photo: Courtesy of Scooter Magruder)

The museum takes you on a journey through decades of innovation at Intel. There were guided and non-guided tours available. I was able to sneak into one of the guided tours, after which, I learned it was free and I didn’t need to sneak into it at all. While there, I learned about the history of computers, pretended to wear a bunny suit, and learned about the manufacturing of silicon chips.

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I wish I were still a kid though, since they got to participate in hands-on activities and what looked like simple computer programming. One of my favorite exhibits was a first-generation personal computer that looked like it was half the size of a refrigerator. OK, not that big, but it was still huge.

scooter magruder k1 speed go kart racing
Ready to race at K1 Speed in Santa Clara, Calif. (Photo: Courtesy of Scooter Magruder)

Intel Chips aren’t the only things that move fast in Santa Clara. (See what I did there?) While in S.C., I also took a trip to K1 Speed. It’s the closest thing you can get to professional racing without breaking any laws: high-speed go-karts.

I’ve actually never been go karting this fast before. The go-karts are able to reach speeds up to 45 mph! I have a tendency to never break when racing…that did not work out so well here. I felt like I was the only one who had no idea what I was doing. Everyone completely dominated me, including young children and my sister. Still, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. You get a fair amount of racing in for a very little cash and the experience is unlike traditional go-karting. These are high-speed go-karts. You have to wear a helmet. You get strict instructions before each race. You have more fun – at least in my opinion.

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