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How Jack Harries Spent 24 Hours in Tokyo

Jack Harries has always been fascinated by Tokyo. “It’s a place that is incredibly strong in it’s culture, old in its traditions and teeming with life,” he says.

The vlogger, known for his travel-based storytelling site and YouTube channel JacksGap, has found a unique way to bring destinations to life with his custom-built POV camera rig that he straps to his face.

So it only made sense for Marriott to send Jack and his crew, to Japan and capture as much of the city as possible, along with nearby Kyoto and Nagano, just a bullet train ride away.

“The concept was to produce a short fast paced video that would tell the story of a vivid, intense and surreal 24 hours in the city,” he says.

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“Our production schedule was intense and grueling with most days starting at 4 a.m., and running late into the evening. Our days varied from mornings spent watching Japanese snow macaques in the Nagano mountains to dining with a geisha in the heart of Tokyo.”

JacksGap Jack Harries in Tokyo
Jack Harries and his crew in Tokyo with their custom-built camera rig. (Photo: Joshua Cowan)

Harries also spent a day running around New Orleans and Istanbul wearing the camera rig.

Harries didn’t think how heavy the bicycle helmet-based camera system would be or “how many strange looks” he would get wearing it.

But “we did have an amazing time doing it,” Harries says.