For the perfect honeymoon, don’t leave home without certain essentials. (Photo: Alamy)


Keep Calm and Carry-on: Packing Tips for Your Caribbean Honeymoon

For the perfect honeymoon, don’t leave home without certain essentials. (Photo: Alamy)

Wedding? Check. Caribbean honeymoon? Check. Packed? No? Relax, we get it. You’ve been making decisions non-stop as the bride-to-be. You don’t even want to think about one more list. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide for you.

Carry-on Musts

No matter where you’re headed, you or your new spouse absolutely must pack your reservation confirmations and tickets in your purse, backpack or carry-on. Don’t forget a driver’s license or passport, depending on your island destination.

Be sure you have one credit card (and leave the rest at home to avoid the temptation to overspend) and any prescription medicine you need. You might be tempted to pack them in your suitcase, but if your luggage goes astray, you could be sunk.

Keep your passport in an easy-to-find place. (Photo: Stocksy)

Savvy brides carry a generous-sized tote for travel necessities, including snacks, water bottles and a smartphone. Choose a tote to double as a beach or shopping bag, depending on your agenda. Toss in a small clutch for the evenings, and you’re done.

Wardrobe Savvy

The last thing you want to worry about on a honeymoon is luggage. Hauling suitcases, even ones with wheels, can be a chore after the stress of the wedding. Keep it simple. One suitcase for each is enough for a week-long honeymoon.

Start by creating a wardrobe plan for your destination. Think about what you’re really going to do, not what you might do. Choose a basic color scheme: Black, white and a pop of color makes it easy to mix and match items. Then start packing; items that do double duty get bonus points.

Don’t forget your feet. This isn’t the time to break in new shoes. Sandals don’t weigh much, and having multiple pairs ensures alternatives so you’re ready for anything. Throw in a pair of good walking shoes if hiking or sightseeing is on the agenda. Blisters are never romantic!

A Destination Plan

Your honeymoon destination is an important consideration when deciding what to pack. If you’re booked at a luxury resort in the British Virgin Islands or on St. Kitts, you need smart daywear and chic evening options.

Planning to spend your time on a beach or in the water? If you’re headed to Paradise Island, Bahamas, with its siren call of world-class waterpark and open-air marine habitat, plenty of swimwear along with cover-ups are a must.

Puerto Rico delivers a tantalizing blend of sophisticated city and dreamy beaches for the newlyweds. It’s easy to over-pack to accommodate the sightseeing, spas, beaches and night options. But pare it down to what you’d wear for a week at a Florida resort.

Details Matter

Copy all your travel documents and email a set to yourself and one to a trusted family member just in case you lose something along the way. And don’t forget when you’re packing a carry-on to clearly label your luggage, inside and out.

Last, but most important, remember to pack your sense of humor. Things will go wrong, and a sense of humor turns even the most difficult moment into a moment to remember.