baltimore harbor

Capture sweeping harbor views from above. (Photo: Getty Images)


See the Best of Charm City at Baltimore’s Most Instagrammable Spots

There’s no shortage of unique places to snap a shot for the ‘Gram in Charm City. Baltimore’s neighborhoods are full of distinct landmarks, visually stimulating public works of art and historic locations that are all its own.

Plus, the city’s location along the Eastern Seaboard means that the harbor views are absolutely incredible. From jaw-dropping art installations to Instagram-worthy sweet treats, here are six places to get your Snap on in Baltimore. Don’t forget to tag #MyBmore to share your favorite highlights.

As always, check for travel restrictions or closures before planning your trip.

Federal Hill Park

For those of you who are a bit camera-shy or prefer to post landscapes over selfies, Federal Hill Park offers the best views of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and downtown skyline. The park’s high perch overlooks the Patapsco River, and from here you can capture the unique juxtaposition of the greenery and lush nature in the park with the modern city towers in the background.

Instagram tip: Try the Clarendon filter for park/city shots because it brightens lighter areas and darkens deeper tones.

Graffiti Alley

There’s only one location in all of Maryland where spraying graffiti is legal, and that’s in Baltimore’s Graffiti Alley. Located in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District, the L-shaped alley is a colorful display of self-expression, allowing artists to craft everything from murals to messages of hope.

Every inch of wall space is covered in vibrant hues, so all you have to do is pick the wall of the alley that best matches your outfit or mood and strike a pose.

Instagram tip: Even though it is an alley, Graffiti Alley gets a good amount of natural light. All you need is the Lo-Fi filter to make colors really pop.

Rawlings Conservatory

rawlings conservatory plants and windows
Play with light and greenery in your photos. (Photo: Getty Images)

Druid Hill Park, a 745-acre urban green space in the heart of Baltimore, is also home to the Rawlings Conservatory, the second-oldest glass conservatory in the country. The structure is stunning — modeled after Kew Gardens in London with a steel and glass Palm House at the center with soaring ceilings.

Inside, you’ll find a diverse collection of exotic flora across multiple greenhouses, including tropical and desert plants and an entire orchid room.

Instagram tip: We know it’s tempting to post among the flowers, but the conservatory itself is too gorgeous of a backdrop to miss. Bring a tripod and set up your shoot at the golden hour, just as the sun sets.


spring hill suites inner harbor baltimore
Take a gander at a bank vault-turned-meeting space. (Photo: Marriott International)

What’s a better location for a high-fashion photo shoot than the glamor of art deco architecture? Maryland Trust Bank, one of only 10 buildings to survive the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904, is now the SpringHill Suites Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor, and one of its coolest spaces (now a meeting room) just happens to be a former bank vault.

Head downstairs to the former vault, where a circular vault door, intricate lock mechanisms and golden details create the perfect dramatic backdrop for some black-tie looks.

Instagram tip: All the gold and brass overlays on the vault may make lighting tricky, so bring a selection of ring lights to test your shots.

Dulceology Bakery

Dulceology Bakery‘s pink and pale blue exterior, draped with floral garlands, is one of the most charming and eye-catching places in Baltimore — and that’s before you eye up their gorgeous treats.

And while the building itself is perfect for girls-trip portraits, the menu items are equally photogenic. You’ll find hot-pink-iced croissant donuts, coconut-dusted Argentinian alfajores cookies and brightly hued cakes meant to fill your Instagram feed.

Instagram tip: Always try to shoot food pictures in natural light if possible, and the Foodie food photography app has a range of filters to make your dishes shine.

George Peabody Library

george peabody library
The George Peabody Library is a feast for the eyes. (Photo: Getty Images)

The multistory stacks of books at the George Peabody Library are a sight to behold and an iconic spot in Baltimore for a shoot. Position yourself in the large central hall so you can capture the sheer volume of tomes on multiple floors of the library. Check for closures before planning your visit.

Instagram tip: Try casting the Juno filter over your interior photos from the library; the filter will make your colors pop.

American Visionary Art Museum

In the mood for quirk? Look no further than the American Visionary Art Museum, where exhibits are theatrical and over-the-top. The building features an aurora borealis glass mosaic design that’s a great backdrop option, or swap that for a mosaic-covered bus.

The giant gold hand protruding from the building is another favorite, along with Fifi, a giant pink poodle. Inside, you’ll find works like sculptures, photography, sketches and paintings.

Instagram tip: The pictures at this museum would look best with a retro vibe. Try the Gingham filter for a vintage look.