Las Vegas

From high-octane pool parties to glamorous hotels, tranquil spas and plenty of award-winning food and drink, Las Vegas makes for a “go big or go home” getaway. If you know where to look, you can still find remnants of Sin City the way it used to be or check out the burgeoning hipster hub of Downtown Las Vegas — a must-see should you tire of the Strip.

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The spring and fall (shoulder seasons) are the most temperate times to visit Las Vegas. Winter (particularly around the holidays) and summer are the busiest times of year, but summer temperatures can be extremely hot. You’ll likely find travel deals year-round, but mid-week travel tends to always be cheapest. 


Visas: Travelers from outside the United States will need a valid passport, as well as ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) eligibility or a full visa. 
Money: Currency is U.S. dollars and ATMs are widely available. 
Travel Health: Travelers (including U.S. citizens) should check for vaccinationproof of negative COVID-19 test and face mask requirements, as well as any travel restrictions before planning their trip. Before traveling, research and prepare for what to do if you get sick while away. For the latest health safety guidelines, as well as info on what’s currently open, check out Nevada Health Response.


Getting Here: Las Vegas is served by McCarran International Airport (LAS), a few minutes’ drive from the end of the famed Strip. 
Getting Around: The Las Vegas Strip is the main drag of casinos, but be warned, it’s long, and walking might be a chore. Ride shares and taxis are plentiful, and public transportation, including The Deuce bus service and the Las Vegas Monorail are inexpensive and easy to navigate.


Local Lingo: Know your casino jargon before you hit the tables or machines. 86’d: Kicked out of a casino for cheating. Comp: Free or complimentary. Dollar: $100 (not, as you’d think, $1). Fish: A first-time gambler. Carpet Joint: Casino catering to high rollers. George: A good tipper. Stiff: A poor tipper. Getting Down: Placing a bet. 
Must-Have Apps: UberTravel VegasLas Vegas Maps and Walks 
Insider Tips: Craving old-school Vegas vibes? You can take a look at more than 200 signs from Vegas’ neon heyday on a docent-led, guided tour at the Neon Museum, just north of downtown.