Glass skyscrapers, cowboys and football bravado may come to mind when you think about Dallas. However, there’s a quieter, simpler side to the city that is known and loved by locals. Discover the best of the Big D — it won’t let you down.

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Sept. – Nov., March – May: These are the most seasonable times of year to visit Dallas, as temperatures cool and crowds lessen; however, be aware that fall is also NFL football season and home-game weekends can drive prices up.
June – Aug.: Summer in Dallas is sweltering, yet still peak season and crowded with tourists; hotel prices may increase.


Visas: Travelers from outside the United States will need a valid passport, as well as ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) eligibility or a full visa. 
Money: Currency is U.S. dollars and ATMs are widely available. 
Travel Health: Travelers (including U.S. citizens) should check for vaccinationproof of negative COVID-19 test and face mask requirements, as well as any travel restrictions before planning their trip. Before traveling, research and prepare for what to do if you get sick while away. Get updated guidance on health and safety, as well as reopening information from the Texas Department of State Health Services website.


Getting Here: Dallas is served by Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.
Getting Around: If you plan to stay mainly within downtown Dallas, it’s easy to get around using public transportation, including the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) buses and light rail, and the (free) McKinney Avenue Streetcar Service. If you plan to explore beyond downtown, a car rental or ride share is most convenient.


Local Lingo: Big D / Triple D: Nicknames for Dallas. DFW / Metroplex: The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Large Marge: The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Coke: Any kind of soda … not just Coca-Cola. Fixin’ to: Going to do something.  
Must-Have Apps: UberDART GoPassGoogle Maps
Insider Tips: If you’re in the market for leather goods, there are few places better than Dallas. Check out our guide to leather shopping in the region.