Los Angeles

Sprawling, diverse and incredibly vibrant, Los Angeles is an incredibly rewarding city to explore. And while indeed you’d be hard pressed to find a more interesting assortment of restaurants, shops, bars and galleries anywhere, it’s also a great place to simply hang out and soak up that gorgeous Southern California weather.


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March – May, Sept. – Nov.: These are ideal months to visit; temperatures are cooler, weather is generally dry, crowds are fewer and the air quality tends to be best.
June – Aug.: 
Summer months bring more heat, crowds and smog to the area. 
Dec. – Feb.: 
Winter months are slightly rainier and prices can increase during the holidays and around awards season.


Visas: Travelers from outside the United States will need a valid passport, as well as ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) eligibility or a full visa. 
Money: Currency is U.S. dollars and ATMs are widely available. 
Travel Health: Travelers (including U.S. citizens) should check for vaccinationproof of negative COVID-19 test and face mask requirements, as well as any travel restrictions before planning their trip. Before traveling, research and prepare for what to do if you get sick while away. For the latest health safety guidelines, as well as info on what’s currently open, visit the LA County Department of Health website.


Getting Here: Los Angeles is mainly served by Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); ride shares, shuttle buses and taxis can bring you from the airport to your hotel. 
Getting Around: Cars are the primary means of getting around LA, and the city has the traffic and massive freeway network to show for it. Ride shares are common, and the city has a public transportation system of buses and trains (the Metro). If you feel the urge to cycle, bike-share programs are also found in the city.


Local Lingo: If you’ve seen “Valley Girl,” you know LA, like, totally has its own slang. The Industry: Short for anything in the entertainment industry. The Santa Anas: Hot, dry winds that blow in from the Great Basin. Dirty Dogs: Bacon-wrapped hot dogs served from a food cart. May Gray and June Gloom: Seasonally gray, cloudy weather in May and June.
Must-Have Apps: UberOur Malibu BeachesModern HikerThe Infatuation 
Insider Tips: Visiting the Griffith Observatory is a must and can actually count as two different activities. You can park a little lower to hike up so you can spend more time appreciating LA’s cityscape. Once at the observatory, explore the cosmos through telescopes, get lost in astronomical exhibits and be overwhelmed by the beauty of Los Angeles.