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Learn the Surprising Origins of Comfort Food Around the Globe

As I sat in the hip Lisbon restaurant Cantinho do Avillez, I took one of the battered and fried green beans that sat on a plate in front of me — filled with an old…
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9 Stunningly Scenic Wine Regions in Europe, South Africa and Beyond

Take pause before lifting your next glass of wine and consider its story — and the tale of its terroir — and suddenly your drink becomes something to savor. Indeed, the wine’s popularity owes much…
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11 Rooftop Bars and Dining Experiences Worth Traveling For

Why climb a tower to experience panoramic views of an amazing destination when you could appreciate the same gorgeous skyline with a cocktail in hand? From Indonesia’s highest rooftop bar to a sushi restaurant with…
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Zero Chill: Where Mocktails and Other Nonalcoholic Drinks Are Here to Stay

Once upon a time, nonalcoholic options at bars and restaurants revolved around three main categories: water, juice and cola. Those times seem very, very distant. Today, nondrinkers are spoiled for choice when it comes to…
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These 7 Cities Rock Rooftop Bars with Views for Days

Warmer weather typically means longer days, and most importantly, the opening of rooftop bars in cities across the U.S. Sipping a popsicle cocktail on a warm spring or summer day is always satisfactory, but when…
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Marriott Bonvoy Insiders’ Favorite Elite Breakfasts Start Your Day with a Smile

Craving an exquisite breakfast? The Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program enables members with Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite status to receive complimentary breakfast at select hotels. This tasty benefit is offered either as a…
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Barbados’s Rum Houses Are Steeped in Island Culture — Here’s How to Explore Them

Barbados is thought to be the birthplace of rum in the 1600s, so it’s no wonder that Barbados and the spirit are intertwined. And when locals are keen to enjoy a tipple, their first stop…

8 Exquisite Doha Dining Experiences That’ll Leave You Craving More

Doha is a true foodie paradise. The city’s countless restaurants are a celebration of its society: myriad multicultural immigrants passing through to share their wide array of traditions and culinary delights with the hungry masses….
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Where to Taste (and Live!) the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean way of life is rightly renowned as one of the healthiest and most sustainable ways to live. Across the region, meals are considered an occasion — a reason to savor being together with…

Visiting Bali? Don’t Miss These 10 Must-Eat Foods

It seems like you can eat anything you want in Bali. Want real-deal Naples-style pizza? Done. European fine dining? Easy. High-energy Mexican snacking with no small amount of tequila? Si, señora. With so many cosmopolitan…
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Say, “Cheers!” to an Atlanta Craft Brewery Crawl

To say that Atlanta’s craft brewery scene is booming is an understatement. The metro area has more than 80 craft breweries, which means there is something for every type of beer drinker. Prefer sours? There’s…

Movers And Shakers: A Bartender’s Guide To Singapore’s Best Cocktail Bars

In the space of a decade, Singapore has established itself as a cocktail powerhouse: not just in Asia, but globally. Singaporean bartenders and bar owners watched this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Bars reveal with interest…
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Celebrating The Soul Of Cantonese Cuisine in Hong Kong

Get your chopsticks ready and taste your way across four of Hong Kong’s most distinctive restaurants in Cantonese cuisine. From treasured classics whose recipes have been passed down through generations to modern twists on familiar…

5 Ways to Eat Well in Singapore

For centuries, immigrants from all corners of the earth have made this island on the equator their home, and there are many merits to this, especially gastronomic. In Singapore restaurants, it’s often hard to distinguish…
Hong Kong

Relax & Unwind At Hong Kong’s Most Iconic Lounges

Life in Hong Kong can certainly be a dizzying mix of skyscrapers, endless shopping and zooming mini buses—however, it’s time to slow down the pace and find delectable reasons to hit the pause button. If…
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From Classic Cocktails to Wine and Bubbly, These 7 Hotel Bars Serve Drinks Mixed with Local Lore

From Seoul and Berlin to Texas and beyond, get a glimpse into the past while sipping beverages in the here and now at seven hotels where local history, traditions and craft are brought to life…
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Hungry? Dig Into Marriott Bonvoy Insiders’ Top Hotel Eats

One of our all-time favorite reasons to travel? Food — and we’re talking the kind that is definitely worth writing home about. It only gets better when you can stay on-site to enjoy it all….
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Move Over, Cheesesteaks and Beignets: Here’s What to Eat Next in 8 Major Food Cities

Every foodie dives into a city with a plan — tackling a cheesesteak in Philadelphia, waiting at Café du Monde in New Orleans for beignets or deciding which deep-dish pizza to snarf in Chicago for…
Mixing It Up

G&T Lovers, Take Note: This Maui Bar is a Haven for Gin Lovers in Hawaii

Sipping an ice-cold gin and tonic while lounging poolside in Hawaii is a refreshing scenario, made even more delightful of late thanks to a slew of locally distilled gins cropping up across the islands. And…
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From Dubai to Berlin, 7 Spots with Thriving Vegetarian and Vegan Food Scenes

Sticking to a plant-based diet does a body good — research continues to support the diet’s positive impacts on your health, from increased longevity to better heart health. Whether you’re trying to limit your consumption…
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Dig Into 5 Winter Dining Trends in South Africa

Winter dining is about so much more than comfort food. When you’re exploring a country with as diverse an array of cultures as South Africa, you’ll find an equally wide range of gastronomic delights and…
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From Buzzy Bistros to Beer Gardens, These 10 Cities Have Great Outdoor Food and Drink Scenes

There’s a certain magic to dining outdoors. Whether it’s a meal on a terrace, on a patio or in a secret garden, savoring fresh air paired with quality cuisine and cocktails is just plain fun….
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Beer Travelers Take Note: These 9 Cities Have Surprising Brewery Scenes

We live in a craft-beer world. Cities as varied as London, with its centuries-old tradition of brewing, and Lima, where big-brand lagers dominated until recently, are now home to thriving modern beer scenes, boasting dozens…
Pet Travel

Dine and Drink with Your Pup at These Pet-Friendly Spots Across the U.S.

No need to leave your pup at home when you head out for a vacation. These dog-friendly destinations around the U.S. love your four-legged BFF just as much as you do, and there are plenty…
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12 Hottest Summer Dining Experiences Across the Middle East

From dining on freshly caught seafood along the Omani shores to living your best version of la dolce vita at a chic Massimo Bottura outpost in Dubai, the Middle East abounds with memorable dining experiences….
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These 5 Restaurants Are Next-Level Local in the Caribbean and Latin America

From Mexico to Chile, Latin America is a foodie paradise for those with a preference for ingredients harvested in nearby orchards, fair treatment of the region’s producers and dishes with local flavor. If this speaks…
A Taste of Good Travel

Quiz: What’s Your Perfect European Food City?

When seeking a destination with a food scene to rival its landmark attractions, you can’t go wrong with any of the thriving European cities lauded for their culinary delights. But the questions remain: Should you…