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bogota coffee

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Nneka Okona

City Sips: 7 Cups of Coffee in Bogotá

Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia also doubles as a coffee capital. These charming cafés, each with its own unique quirks, origin stories and décor, are some of the best …

best donuts in usa

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Jenna Schnuer

Doughnut Hesitate to Eat This Sandwich

No need to worry about Doughnut Day sending you into full sugar-crash nap by 3 p.m. This year, you’re going to rock some protein along with that pillowy glazed (or …

authentic mexican food

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Suzanne Barbezat

The Comprehensive Guide to Mexico’s Food Regions

Mention the words “Mexican food” and many people automatically think “tacos,” but that doesn’t begin to do justice to the depth and breadth of what authentic Mexican food encompasses. Mexican …