LGBT Travel

LGBT Travel

Soak Up the Sun at These LGBT-Friendly Beach Towns

Keph Sennett
Miami Beach is notoriously one of the most LGBT-friendly towns in the U.S. (Photo: Alamy)
Whether you’re into swimming until sunset or partying until dawn—or both!—somewhere in the U.S. there’s …

LGBT Travel

Rock the Rainbow: An LGBT Guide to Puerto Rico

Norbert Figueroa
A reveler in drag at Puerto Rico’s Pride Parade. (Photo: Norbert Figueroa)
Puerto Rico, often called the “Island of Enchantment,” is among the most gay-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. As …

Checking In

Laverne Cox on How #LoveTravels Celebrates Living

Kwin Mosby
Laverne Cox says #LoveTravels is about celebrating who you are. (Photo: John Fleming Photography)
Actress and activist Laverne Cox is all about “getting” her life and giving life. She certainly …