How to
Travel Better

When we step out into the world, we are forever transformed by the places, cultures and people we encounter. Travel makes us feel a part of something greater. These stories are a guide to more sustainable and meaningful ways to experience the world around us – a guide to travel better.


Travel opens the door to new connections with communities around the world. These stories introduce the people and places that shape our journeys.


What does sustainability look like? These stories explore destinations working to preserve their natural and cultural resources.


Host and travel journalist Oneika Raymond takes us on a six-city journey around North America to chat with locals and ask them what it means to travel better.


Travel is most meaningful when we expand our horizons through the culture and experiences unique to a place, in ways that contribute meaningfully to the local economy.​

tips to reuse

There are many ways you can make an impact when you travel – here are some tips:

decline the plastic bag
practice zero waste
buy local souvenirs
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Explore these visual journeys that showcase the people, cultures and places shaping our world.

Man and his cat in a shop in Athens, Greece.

The ‘Cat People’ of Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is a city of cats. Meet the dedicated…

Dancers perform the Betawi Mask Dance at Setu Babakan Dance Workshop and Studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Masked Dancers of Indonesia

Indonesia’s Betawi mask dancers preserve a rich cultural tradition of…

Diva Salvaje and the other members of Las Shotas face the audience at the Arena Naucalpan in Mexico State.

In the Ring with Los Exóticos

Meet the fierce drag performers of Mexico’s lucha libre wrestling….

Stargazers admiring the starry night sky from the beach on New Zealand's Great Barrier Island.

New Zealand’s Darkest Skies

See how beauty meets sustainability on New Zealand’s Great Barrier…

bill pickett rodeo girl with horse

Meet the Cowgirls Introducing Black Rodeo Culture Across the Country

It’s part family reunion, part traveling museum, and quite literally…

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