best puerto vallarta beaches

Catch rays and relax on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Discover Puerto Vallarta, the City of Beaches

Puerto Vallarta is a city that evokes the feeling of a summer that never ends. And when you think of the word ‘summer,’ what’s the second word that comes to mind? ‘Beach,’ of course! Most tourists who visit Puerto Vallarta do so on a kind of pilgrimage for two things in particular: the sun and the sand.

And Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint you if you’re among them. Here’s our quick guide to some of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite beaches:

1. Mismaloya Beach

Mismaloya gained its fame in the ’60s, when actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor filmed a movie here. (Photo: Getty Images)This beach rose to fame in the ’60s, when the actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor starred in a movie shot here. When you get to this beach, you’ll see why it was chosen for the film: it’s nothing short of spectacular.

The view towards the rocks of Los Arcos National Park is impressive. It’s said that it was on account of the popularity of the film that Puerto Vallarta became a tourist destination, which is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t miss it.

2. Las Caletas

This beach also has a link to old Hollywood: the American actor and director John Huston had a house here. But it’s different from Mismaloya because Las Caletas is a private beach, meaning it can only be accessed by boat and only on a guided tour.

Vallarta Adventures offers a full day tour, which gives you the opportunity to explore this little slice of heaven at leisure.

3. Sayulita Beach

best puerto vallarta beaches
It’s worth making the trip to Sayulita, especially if you’re interested in surfing. (Photo: Jennifer Fernández Solano)

Sayulita Beach is not located in the center of Puerto Vallarta; it’s found towards the north, in a town of the same name.

Although you have to drive for a while to get to this beach paradise located in the Riviera Nayarit, it’s worth making the trip, especially if you’re interested in surfing. Both the town and the beach are very bohemian and, if you like a relaxed vibe, you’ll love this beach.