Frigid morning causing sea smoke on the Boston Harbor. Boston is known for its central role in American history, world-class educational institutions, cultural facilities, and champion sports franchises.


Hockey to Skating: Best Things to Do in Boston on Ice

In winter, Boston transforms into a white wonderland of snow and ice. (Photo: Alamy)

Any local will tell you: winter in Boston is no joke. Temperatures dip, winds blow, and the entire population appears to be bundled into large, poofy coats. Still, there’s a major perk that goes hand-in-hand with the season: ice. No, not slipping on icy patches after a hearty Boston snowfall. Rather, experiencing the city’s winter wonderlands at some decidedly icy spots will heat up even the chilliest New England night.

Slip Sliding Away

Imagine ice-skating hand-in-hand as snowflakes drift all around you, then snuggling up by a toasty fire. While skating in Boston Common is a Beantown tradition, you can also something a bit more intimate: Head to the waterfront for ice skating under the rotunda of Boston Harbor Hotel.

During the Winter on the Wharf celebration, you can skate with views of the harbor and skyline before warming up fireside with spiced cider, hot cocoa or a champagne toast. Put a spin on seduction with the Sweetheart Skate, at the hotel every Saturday evening in February. Beneath the rotunda, you’ll glide to a love song soundtrack.

Boston Bruins

Ready to pick up the pace? The ultimate ice experience in this sports-crazed town is Boston Bruins hockey. Get up off your feet and give it up for the hometown heroes. There’s loads of tradition surrounding this team at TD Garden, also home to the NBA’s Celtics.

Before you claim your spot rink-side, stop by the German-inspired Paulaner Bar on the ground level for a snack, specialty beer and people-watching. Just before the game begins, if you’re in the lower section, you can join in as the giant Bruins Fan Banner is passed around the crowd.

Be ready to jump up and cheer after a goal as the unmistakable sound of Zombie Nation’s “Kernkraft 400″ booms over the loudspeakers. During the second quarter, watch for the “8-Spoked Salute” the players give to a hometown fan serving in the military.