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Luxuriate in an at-home spa day. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Plan a Spa-Worthy Day of Pampering at Home — in 5 Simple Steps

Who can forget the calming and invigorating effects of indulging in a decadent spa treatment at your favorite hotel? Until you book your next hotel spa session, you can follow our lead to plan a perfect day of at-home pampering.

When you use the same top-quality products as the hotel spas do — made from materials like essential oils and 100 percent cotton — you’ll be surprised how effectively you can conjure a hotel-quality spa day right in the comfort of your own four walls.

1. Set the Mood

The canvas for pampering yourself at home starts with more than just finding the most calming space in your place for a wellness escape. Science has proven that certain aromas have the power to reduce stress and improve how we feel.

ritz-carlton candles
Breathe in the relaxing scents. (Photo: Marriott International)

And lighting a scented candle does double duty by creating a warm and hygge feeling while imbuing the air around you feel-good scents you can breathe in. The Ritz-Carlton candles by Antica Farmacista feature aromas inspired by properties everywhere, from Florida and California to desert destinations and even New York City’s Central Park.

You can choose from candles with notes of saltwater and bergamot, like the Ocean Aria Candle inspired by The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour, Miami, or cedarwood and jasmine a la The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, among several others.

To inhale a bit of W Hotels’ vibe at home, fill the air around you with the soft burn of jasmine, sandalwood and sun-ripened figs when you light The W Candle.

2. Give Yourself a DIY Spa Treatment

A simple body scrub is one of the most indulgent — not to mention one of the simplest — spa treatments you can enjoy within the privacy and comfort of your home bathroom. When you use a high-quality product like one of Gaylord Hotels Relâche Spa Salt Scrubs, the experience is instantly transporting.

Relache Spa Salt Scrubs
Let the salt scrub give you a new glow. (Photo: Marriott International)

These exfoliating and supremely hydrating scrubs are made from jojoba oil, salt and essential oil extracts using ingredients like melon, cucumber, honey, coconut, lavender and mint that combine to achieve invigorating and smoothing effects.

Pick your passion — choosing from Cucumber Melon, Moroccan Mint or Honey Coconut Mango salt scrubs. Then create a steam-room ambience in your shower, smoothing the product with your bare hands in circular motions onto clean, damp skin. Rinse off and enjoy instantly softer and more moisturized skin.

3. Let Stress Slip Away in the Bath

It doesn’t take much to turn your home bathtub into a spalike escape with the help of a few key luxe accessories from your favorite hotels. It’s amazing what dropping a bath bomb into warm bathwater can do for your mood — not to mention the state of your skin.

white tea bath bomb
Drop a white tea bath bomb into your tub. (Photo: Marriott International)

The Westin White Tea Bath Bomb Set effervesces with deeply moisturizing ingredients like mango butter, safflower oil and cocoa butter that are heavenly to soak in (see those candle recommendations above to complete the bathtub mood). And the pampering shouldn’t stop when you exit the tub.

When you step out in your new skin, make sure to towel off with properly plush bath linens from The Luxury Collection Towels that pamper guests at The Luxury Collection properties everywhere from Santorini to San Diego.

If you’ve basked in them before, you know just how decadent these linens are. Crafted from 100 percent cotton, they come in sets of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths (two of each).

bath sheets
Wrap yourself in a soft bath sheet. (Photo: Marriott International)

4. Get Comfy

Once you’re toweled off, relaxation continues when you wrap your body in The Luxury Collection Frette robe and slippers and continue the at-home spa vibe. Both are made from plush 100 percent cotton velour and are machine washable.

The robe has a jacquard pattern on the collar and cuffs, as well as deep side pockets to complete the cozy feel. The extra-soft slippers sport a classic design with open backs that make them easy to slide into and out of.

Pro tip: Leave them right by your bedside to be sure to start your mornings off as comfortably as possible, too.

5. Get Your Zzz’s

Getting a good night’s sleep can do a lot for your quality of life and is key to any ongoing at-home wellness routine. And if you’ve never fallen asleep to the calming scents of a diffuser, you might be surprised by its mellowing effects.

frette eye mask
Block out light and sleep deeper. (Photo: Marriott International)

You can upgrade your sleep experience with the Frette 1860 For St. Regis Sleep Mask. Like a weighted blanket for tired, screen-weary eyes, it’s made with thick, 400- thread-count cotton sateen that blocks out unwanted light and brings on deep relaxation.

oil diffuser
Create your own cocoon of relaxing smells. (Photo: Marriott International)

The Deep Sleep Superblend Fragrance Diffuser Set by This Works conjures the soothing scent and atmosphere of your favorite hotel with relaxing aromas of lavender, vetiver and chamomile essential oils. Just put a few drops in the diffuser and place it as near to your bedside as you prefer — then lie back, relax and bring on a restful night of sleep. Powered by USB, this diffuser is also perfect to pack along on your travels.