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Dive into Miami’s rich Cuban culture in Little Havana. (Photo: Getty Images)


Venture Off the Tourist Track in Miami’s Little Havana

Get a taste of Cuban culture in Little Havana. Bursting with flavor and charm, this Miami neighborhood is far from typical. With influences from Spain, Africa, France and Asia, it’s no wonder Cuban culture is known for its diversity. Although Little Havana is home to famous festivals and landmarks like Calle Ocho and the Walk of Fame, head to these one-of-a-kind stops to really savor the smells and tastes of Cuba’s capital.

As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before planning your trip.

For Morning Joe

There’s no better place to sip on a sweet cup of Joe than in Little Havana. Known for their famous Café Cubano, El Gallito Coffee Shop serves up a mean brew. Made with sweetened espresso, Cuban coffee is a staple in many Latin countries, and especially in Little Havana. Grab a shot for less than a dollar and you’re fueled up to continue your day of exploring.

For an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

One of the best features of Little Havana is the number of fresh, open-air markets. Venture to Los Pinarenos Fruteria for a healthy midday snack. Stocked with tropical fruits and vegetables, this is the city’s oldest open-air market. If you’re craving something a little spicier and a little less sweet, try one of the Cuban tamales smothered in homemade salsa. This authentic, family-owned business is a local gem you don’t want to miss.

For a Classic Cuban Cigar

It’s no secret that genuine Cuban cigars are hard to find. Thankfully, the Little Havana Cigar Factory is chock full of them. Upon entrance, you’ll immediately notice the sophisticated wooden and leather décor, and of course, the distinctive aroma of these carefully crafted cigars. Choose your favorite and enjoy a leisurely smoke in one of the comfortable lounge areas, then browse the finest brands at the shop and take a pack home for later.

For Authentic Cuban Food in Miami

To get the most bang for buck without sacrificing authenticity, go to El Exquisito Restaurant for Cuban food in Miami. The casual environment, low prices, friendly staff and delicious menu make this restaurant a crowd favorite. Pick up something to go at their service window or grab a seat at the restaurant inside. Order up a classic Cuban sandwich, beef empanada, or side of plantains and indulge unapologetically. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, El Exquisito is full of Cuban character and rich flavor.

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