Business Travel in Orlando? Better Take This List with You

(Photo: Carlo Villa/Shutterstock.com)

It’s inevitable. Even if you’re a seasoned business traveler who packs only the most durable essentials, the moment will come when you discover you left behind the one thing you need — or that it got mysteriously broken en route. Whether your phone screen is cracked, your outfit needs some emergency alterations or even your aching back won’t let you focus on the work at hand, here’s a list of some of the best places in Orlando to squelch last minute problems when you’re on the road.

Your Gadgets are Misbehaving

The folks at Ubreakifix will bail you out of any hardware or software malfunction you can throw their way. Although it’s a national chain, each of the city’s half-dozen shops is locally owned and operated— including two near the theme parks and three in the downtown/Winter Park area. Each location is staffed by friendly tech gurus who excel in quickly diagnosing and fixing your problematic smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your New Pants Need to be Hemmed. Stat.

Are your new business slacks made for giants? Is your dress sleeve ripped? Head for Martin Tailor if you’re in the theme park area. If you’re downtown, the best bet is Hung’s Custom Tailor Shop. Both do excellent work with quick, affordable service. If you’ve discovered a surprise stain on your shirt or skirt, Acme Cleaners is one of the best dry cleaners in Orlando, offering pickup and delivery throughout the metro area.

You Forgot That One Damn Cable

Leave a cable or cord at home? Don’t pay hefty convenience store prices. Take an adventure to Skycraft Parts & Surplus, Inc., which specializes in having all the possible parts you could need for anything that plugs in. It’s like a Radio Shack crossed with a hardware store, and the UFOs and rockets that adorn the outside of the building have made it something of an Orlando icon.

You Need a Reboot

Feeling a bit harried after that long flight or tense meeting? Massage Oasis is a super-professional place to get the kinks and aches out of your back and legs, especially if you spent your day traipsing around the Convention Center. To refresh your look, try the affordable Delight Nails & Spa. The atmosphere is chill, but the manicurists work as efficiently as race car crews.