Things to Do in Barbados

Carlisle Bay Marine Park is one of the countless diving spots Barbados has to offer. (Photo: Alamy)


Outdoors Lovers, Get in Gear: Don’t Miss 4 Must-Do Adventures in Barbados

Barbados is the heavenly Caribbean destination par excellence, where year after year tourists from around the world travel to unwind and enjoy the island’s natural bounty. But for nature-loving visitors looking for adventures, Barbados can also prove an ideal destination.

Surrounded by crystalline waters, dreamy beaches and unrivaled flora and fauna, Barbados promises days full of incredible landscapes and extraordinary experiences in direct contact with nature.

Sail over Shipwrecks on a Transparent Kayak Tour

Explore the remnants of sunken shipwrecks, located around the beautiful coast of Carlisle Bay in Bridgetown, via transparent kayaks. This unique tour, hosted by Clear Kayaks Barbados, will take visitors around the island to get to know the most important shipwreck locations in Barbados.

Sail over the fauna and flora of the seabed below and the reefs that surround the island, home of various species of sea turtles. The tour begins at Harbor Lights, then, on route, expert guides and kayakers relate the history of submarine wrecks and explain how they ended up on the island.

To end the day’s activities, participants head back to shore and enjoy a complimentary rum punch; a typical Barbados island cocktail.

Tour the Island via eBike

Enjoy a wonderful journey of northern Barbados, first on foot and then by electric bicycle through routes that most tourists never see. The eBike Island Adventures expedition begins with a nearly two mile walk from Maycocks, located in the parish of Saint Lucia.

Things to Do in Barbados
Tour the island by electric bicycle. (Photo: eBike Island Adventures)

Guests will walk along coastal cliffs of striking landscapes— boasting by far the best panoramic views of the Caribbean Ocean. Once participants reach the Harrison Point lighthouse, they’ll pick up their bikes and start a 12-mile eBike trip through Saint Lucia’s rural areas—in and around its chattel houses and ancient sugar cane fields.

This experience ends on a beach away from the bustle of tourist activity, where a refreshing local beer or a rum punch awaits, depending on personal taste.

Dive Around the Island

It has been said that Barbados is a dream destination for every diver. Indeed, with more than 200 shipwrecks covering the seabed around the island, Barbados provides the ideal destination for divers, both professionals and amateurs alike.

From the Folkestone Underwater Park and Carlisle Bay Marine Park to Maycocks Bay and Barracuda Junction, Barbados offers countless diving spots, where tourists can enjoy a unique experience under its crystal clear waters.

Around the entire coast, guests will find diving equipment and guides who can advise travelers on the best places to practice this sport. The largest concentration of these centers is near the capital, in Bridgetown.

Explore the Barbados Wildlife Reserve

If visitors wish to have contact with nature, but don’t not feel like doing extreme sports or taking long walks, then the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is the ideal experience.

It’s home to the famous Barbados green monkey and more than 20 species of animals, such as mara rodents, iguanas and alligators, all of whom (for the most part) roam freely throughout the reserve.

In addition to this unique opportunity to discover the flora and fauna of the island, we recommend visiting the reserve close to 2 p.m. in order to observe the smallest monkeys being fed by their mothers in their natural habitat.