snorkeling in bonaire

Adventurous travelers can explore the Caribbean in many ways. (Photo: Tourism Corporation Bonaire)


Caribbean Islands: A Magical Place for Outdoor Enthusiasts

For many adventurous travelers, the smaller Caribbean islands—with their diverse destinations, breathtaking landscapes and exceptional flora and fauna—offer a series of fun outdoor activities to enjoy.

Whether exploring an island by way of hiking, discovering hidden treasures beneath its turquoise waters or other outdoor activities, there are many ways in which nature-loving tourists can explore the Caribbean.

Fly the Skies and Discover St. Kitts’ Wonders

Glide through St. Kitts Island’s lush rainforest foliage on this authentic sky tour. Via the ziplines that cross the island, visitors can discover it through a privileged panoramic view, explore its spectacular volcanic formations and behold the crystal clear waters that surround St. Kitts.

The Sky Safari St. Kitts tour begins at Romney Manor, located in Wingfield Estate, where participants can find all the information needed to learn about the system of five ziplines that cross the island’s rainforest.

Afterwards, visitors can opt to continue the journey on foot, discover the history of the island and learn about the indigenous plant and animal species found around Wingfield Estate; the home of an old sugar plantation on the island.

Hiking Through the Nevis Rainforest

Boasting miles of natural landscape, Nevis Island—adjacent to St. Kitts—offers the perfect hiking paradise. Test yourself on a hike to the famous Nevis Peak; an inactive volcano that is over 3,232 ft. tall.

Travelers can also embark on the hike through Russell’s Rest Nature Hike—an adventure through the rainforest—to discover beautiful waterfalls and natural ravines. The tour begins in the ruins of what was once the old Russel Plantation, located in the St. James parish.

nevis sugar plantation
Adventurous visitors will have the opportunity to tour the remains of the island’s former sugar plantations. (Photo: Getty Images)

During this walk, adventurous visitors will have the opportunity to tour the remains of the island’s former sugar plantations and enter into the heart of the jungle, where guides from Nevis Adventure Tours will also teach them about the local and medicinal use of the island’s flora and fauna.

St. Thomas Transparent Kayak Night Tour

Explore St. Thomas Island under the moonlight in transparent-floored kayaks while paddling over the crystalline waters of this Caribbean island.

These kayaks are equipped with LED lights that will illuminate the warm waters while gliding over the hidden treasures of stranded shipwrecks, litters of tropical fish, majestic stingrays and even sea turtles.

night kayaking in st. thomas
Explore St. Thomas Island under the moonlight in transparent-floored kayaks. (Photo: Marriott International)

Depending on your preferences, there is also the possibility of taking the Stand Up Paddle tour. This nighttime transparent-floor kayak adventure is designed for travelers who enjoy unique experiences.

You don’t need to be a professional kayaker to do this tour, since it’s conducted by guides and water sport professionals, such as Night Kayak, who will also teach participants the basic kayak maneuvering rules before starting the tour.

Bonaire: A Water Sports Paradise

Anyone you ask will tell you that Bonaire is the ideal island for watersports. Known as a mecca for windsurfing and kitesurfing, this island welcomes hundreds who love these two sports—that combine wind and air in a whirlwind of adrenaline.

If your thing is enjoying marine life, then you couldn’t possibly resist snorkeling or diving to explore the seabed that beholds the best treasures of Bonaire.

Take the opportunity to discover the marvels at the Bonaire National Marine Park; a belt of coral reefs that surround the island and are home to countless species of tropical fish, stingrays, and sea turtles.

And if you prefer a more relaxed activity, rent a boat and enjoy a day at sea, fishing with optimal views of the turquoise-hued Caribbean Ocean. Aqua Fun Bonaire is a good option for this type of adventure.