los cabos yacht

Snorkel at Santa Maria Beach with just the soundtrack of the twinkling corals to accompany you. (Photo: Getty Images)


Sea Life, Sightseeing and Snorkeling: Explore Los Cabos by Yacht

Located right on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos perches right where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The combination of desert landscapes, underwater reefs and powerful Pacific waves make it a haven for marine life and stunning natural beach and rock formations.

The best way to take it all in is by yacht, cruising through the waters and learning about the rich history and abundant wildlife in the area from an onboard guide.

Head out onto the waters that have been sailed by well-known pirates such as Sir Frances Drake—some items of his were found by the local tuna cannery when excavating the area—and the legendary French explorer Jacques Cousteau, who described the Cabo Pulmo marine conservation area found in these waters as the “aquarium of the world.”

Spot marine wildlife

los cabos yacht
The huge, shining sea lions recline on rocks. (Photo: Getty Images)

Once sailing along, it won’t be long until you start spotting the local birds and marine life that make these waters and rocks their home. Frigate birds, that nest on the nearby Espiritu Santo island, soar around the skies and huge, shining sea lions recline on rocks, warming their bodies under the hot sun.

When boats pass by, they almost appear to be posing for photos from admiring tourists and vacationers. Make sure to look out for sea lions zipping through the waters by your boat too, their sleek swimming style defies their size and stature.

Snorkeling and sightseeing

Passing by Pelican Rock, some people choose to snorkel here, and it is a good option for beginner scuba divers as the water is some 95-feet deep. It is, however, a busy area with passing boats, so the waves can make snorkeling a little trickier.

los cabos yacht
The perfect spot for snapping selfies. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you choose to stay on the warm yacht, munching away on snacks and enjoying a drink or two, you will soon come in sight of the most famous landmark in Los Cabos, El Arco or the Arch.

This rock, formed over many thousands of years into the shape of an arch is found at the point where the Gulf of California meets the Pacific Ocean at the very tip of the peninsula. Probably the most photographed rocks in Los Cabos and likely Mexico, you will see that photos don’t do the beautiful natural rock formation justice.

Cabo’s many beaches

Continuing on around the rugged coastline full of mysterious caves, impressive blow holes and tiny beaches, you might find yourself trying to imagine what these waters would have been like for the early explorers, pirates and sailors making land here.

One of the many tiny beaches you will come across is Lover’s Beach or Playa del Amor. This beach sits facing the calm seas of the Gulf of California. It is a beautiful beach to observe from your yacht or to enjoy with your feet in the sand. By contrast, just taking a few steps through a bap in the rocks and you will find yourself on Divorce Beach, a beach that had a strong undertow and is dangerous for swimming. One can’t help but marvel that two beaches that are seemingly so close can be quite so distinct.

By this time, you will probably be desperate to get into the water, so the next stop should be Santa Maria Beach. Grab your snorkel and jump in to swim among brightly colored angel, damsel and parrotfish and a whole variety of other tropical fish and marine life that live among the coral here.

The calm waters make for amazing visibility and you can snorkel peacefully with just the soundtrack of the twinkling corals to accompany you. Santa Maria Beach is also a great place to paddleboard or kayak to explore a little further around the calm bay.

Jumping back on the yacht when you are ready, you can enjoy a spot of lunch and a cold drink as you cruise back slowly around the coastline bathing in the warm sun and enjoying the soft breeze.

Romantics can take the same yacht trip during sunset to watch as the sun dips below the horizon for another day, while toasting it with a glass of champagne.