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Where to Find Your Desert Adventure in Los Cabos

There is no doubt about it, Los Cabos is the ideal destination for sunbathing on a beautiful beach, but if you’re also looking for some nature and a bit of adventure, then you’re still in the right place.

Los Cabos has huge expanses of breathtaking desert and, consequently, the odd oasis where you can enjoy a stroll or a buggy trip while you admire the flora and natural landscapes.

As you would expect, sand dunes form part of the scenery and part of the fun, but something that makes this place even more special is its mountains. That’s right, mountains and desert in the same place!

In and around Santiago

Santiago is a community located to the north of San José del Cabo. This little spot has an interesting history and enjoys international fame because it was visited by the famous American singer Barbra Streisand, who told the world that El Palomar, a local restaurant, was one of her favorites.

However, the most fascinating thing about this place is undoubtedly its natural attractions. Not far from the village are several hot springs, such as Santa Rita and El Chorro, perfect for a little relaxation and peace and quiet in the wilderness.

In addition, the water there is known to have natural properties that are beneficial to the human body, such as its minerals and temperature. In the morning you can tour the canyons and trails, and later enjoy the natural oasis of the thermal springs.

You can take these trips on foot or cycling, one of the most popular tourist activities. However, it’s important to go with an experienced guide, both for safety and so that you can freely enjoy the experience.

Another must-visit place, which is awash with lush green vegetation and boasts a waterfall that is well-worth a visit, is the Cañón de la Zorra, which forms part of the Sol de Mayo Ecological Ranch.

You will have to pay a small entry fee, but you won’t regret it. Once inside, you will enjoy unbeatable views as you make your way to the crystalline waters of the waterfall, ready for a refreshing dip after your twenty-five-minute walk.

If you’re looking for adventure and something a little more extreme, you can also enjoy some climbing here: there are a number of specialized places that can provide you with the necessary equipment and a guide.

Boca de la Sierra

Not far from Santiago, in a village called Miraflores, you will find another natural paradise that is perfect for hiking and treating your senses to the sounds of nature. In Boca de la Sierra, the desert turns into a forest full of a wide variety of trees and endemic wildlife.

Experience wonderful moments surrounded by nothing other than the fresh air and green landscapes, far from any hustle and bustle or pollution. The fresh, clean rivers provide a respite before you continue on your way.

And if you need an injection of adrenaline, you will love the zipline, which is one of Mexico’s longest and provides an incredible panoramic view of the canyon as you cross it from one side to the other.

You can also try your hand at some abseiling or cross the hanging bridges, accompanied by a specialized guide, of course.

Desert buggies

Ride across the desert dunes in a buggy. (Photo: Getty Images)

One of the most enjoyable ways to visit the desert is by driving one of these cute little buggies. Driving down the sandy, cactus-lined tracks under a blue sky, or watching the sunset on the horizon, is an experience you won’t want to miss.

There are several places specializing in tourist activities that provide these vehicles for the more adventurous travelers. Many of them can be found in San José del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas, as they are the major tourist hotspots.